My New Year’s Resolutions

Confession time: I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions! However, I am familiar with this yearly “tradition” of sorts that many tend to take part in. It makes sense. What more inspirational way to ring in the new year than to pledge to make improvements to your life? But phase two of this tradition includes breaking every single resolution within the first month of making them. Suddenly those life improvements don’t seem so important or exciting anymore. This is what has become a societal “norm.” When you tell your friends that your resolution is to lose 10 pounds, chances are they’re rolling their eyes at you and thinking, I give her two weeks before she gives up. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I tend to defy common thoughts held by society (totally on purpose). Seriously, anyone who tells me that I won’t stick to my resolutions will earn a death glare, free of charge. Who are you to label me or anyone else a failure “ahead of time”? To kick off the new year, and to show that amazing resolutions can come in tiny packages, I have my first ever list of New Year’s resolutions to share with you!

  1. Stop eating junkfood out of boredom. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that excessive junkfood is bad for you in the long run. Even if you can’t physically see the effects of eating all those cookies, cakes, chips and crap, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing bad things to you internally. I already know that I can go weeks without eating sweets (chocolate, etc.) because I’ve done it before. However, at some point during the semester, I felt like having a chocolate bar as a midnight snack and a well-needed pick-me-up. One chocolate bar one night turned into a chocolate bar every night, which turned into a pint of ice cream a few times a week! I had completely destroyed my no junkfood streak to the point where I’d go out and get junky snacks because I was literally bored and wanted to chew on something! Um, no. This isn’t going to cut the mustard this time!
  2. Travel around the city more. I always get weird looks when I tell people I’m from the boroughs of New York but I very rarely go to Manhattan. Always. It’s kind of disappointing to know that I wouldn’t be able to give clear (or correct) directions around the city if I ever needed to. Plus, I personally would like to explore some of the hidden gems in the city. Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, Rockefellar Center and such (which I’ve neber visited, by the way) but I’d like to skip that and go hunting for the lesser known awesome places in the city. I have nothing against the fabulous landmarks in our city, I’d just like to explore the way I want to explore.
  3. Make new friends. This is especially important for me because some of my absolute closest friends who I met in college are seniors and are graduating this spring! Sure, I know some people my age but I didn’t always click with them the way I clicked with my older friends. I’ll be losing my Zumba buddy, sadly. While I still plan to keep in touch with my friends after they graduate, it’s equally important that I meet new people and grow new friendships. I’m sometimes good at starting conversations with random people, but following up is where I have the issue. I don’t always text people asking if they want to grab dinner or if they want to study together sometime. I really should because these are super easy ways to get to know someone new and build a friendship. But that’s what the new year is for – working on a few things!
  4. Gain membership into blogger networks. I’ve been blogging for two years now, but this is my first super legit website/blog and it’d be really cool to gain valuable insight from being part of blogger networks. There are two networks I already have in mind: The Her Campus Blogger Network and Blogger Babes. Blogger Babes is especially cool because it can help female bloggers be competitive in the industry while fostering a sense of community and oneness. Plus, gaining membership will give me a step in the right direction and show me that every ounce of work I’ve put into my website is paying off.
  5. Enhance my makeup skills. I’m fairly decent with applying foundation, winging my eyeliner, making my eyelashes look ginormous and doing pretty eyeshadow, but I’d definitely like to pick up a few new skills and master some new makeup looks. There are so many ways to do a smoky eye and I’d like to find one way that’s completely my own. I also want to learn how to make wild eyeshadow colors look flawless! Yes, I would be that girl walking through campus with yellow, green and orange eyeshadow and I would totally own it! To do this I will try to go to free beauty classes offered by Sephora stores to those who are members (like I am). I will also try looking around for other makeup events and such around the city (Whoo! Resolution #2).
  6. Practice photography and improve skills. As a blogger, I feel that having great photography skills of your own will help you out immensely because you’ll be pulling stockphotos off the internet less and less if you have your own fabulous masterpieces to put online. Plus, in the journalism industry (especially magazine journalism) if you can take your own high quality pictures, it’s a huge advantage when looking for employment because more and more content platforms are pushing for original photographs to accompany articles. I’ve been playing around with my iphone and trying to take better pictures using that for now, but I’d like to get a DSLR camera so I can really take pics like a pro.
  7. Enhance mental skills. Ever wonder what hidden abilities you might possess? No, I don’t expect to be able to move my eyeshadow palette with my mind (yet) but I definitely know that I want to be able to use my brain more. We probably all have more mental capacity than we might think, but the truth is, more often than not, we are slowing down. I want to pick up speed and be sharp as a tack. There are dozens of apps nowadays that allow you to train your brain and stretch cognition. I’ve tried some in the past (which can be addicting but frustrating if you don’t hit the goal you want to hit) but I have never sought to make it a habit, until now, that is. Thinking can be improved, problem solving can be improved, not to mention other cool abilities. Telekinesis is overrated, anyway.
  8. Get my first paying part-time job. Confession: I’m a sophomore in college and I’ve never had a paying part-time job. Ever. I’ve been an intern and volunteered before but I’ve never performed a task for monetary compensation. I would really like to get on that part-time employment train. Making my own money means that I’ll have more responsibility to save and monitor it properly, which is actually a really good thing because it teaches you habits that you’ll have to have when you’re older. Plus, I’ll be able to add to my list of references and experience by getting a job.
  9. Start reading again. I used to be able to go through novels in a day. That’s right, a day. I used to devour books and could recall every detail in them. When I got to high school, I stopped reading during lunch and instead listened to whatever gossip was going around the table that day. Now, reading books for class seems like a chore, and my reading speed has definitely slowed. My passion for writing started with my passion for reading, after all, and it would be great to get back into the reading zone.
  10. Get my clarinet fixed and play again. I’ve been a band geek for nearly 10 years. My instrument of choice: the clarinet. After high school, a key on my clarient broke and I never got it fixed. I’ve definitely been meaning to pick it up and play again, especially an awesome Game of Thrones cover, but I can’t do that with a broken key! I hope this will be the year for me to get it fixed and back in shape so I can get back to playing in my free time.
  11. Learn more Italian. I took Italian during my freshman year of college and it’s a really great language! I definitely would like to travel to Italy someday and being able to speak the language would be pretty helpful. My goal here is to refresh my memory on what I’ve learned and learn new things about the language and culture.

I hope you enjoyed reading my New Year’s Resolutions and I hope I even inspired you to make your own – no matter how big or small! Have a Happy New Year guys!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? 


7 Ways To Make Healthier Choices At Starbucks

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Can’t seem to stay away from Starbucks but the nutritionist keeps kicking your butt about making healthier choices? Trust me, I know the feels. I became a Starbucks lover during my second semester of college. The food and beverages there make a pretty good dynamic duo. Believe me when I say that biting into a delicious snowman sugar cookie with one hand and slowly sipping an iced green tea latte with the other is a pretty satisfying event. But, sadly, like any other order from any other chain restaurant across the country, you’re ‘usual’ may not be the healthiest choice for you. You may gain a few pounds from the sugary drinks or you might not make the correct breakfast options. Since it’s way too hard to just quit cold turkey and not go to Starbucks, here are a few ways you can make your order a little healthier.

  1. Skip the whip. Yes, the double chocolate chip frappuccino from the poster looks divine with the whipped cream on top, but trust me when I say, you don’t actually need the whipped cream. In my mind, it isn’t so much because of extra calories as it is because of extra sugar. Much like pretty little snowflakes, all calories are not created the same. Therefore, I personally place a higher value on the quality of calories over the quantity. Whipped cream is added sugar right on top of your frappuccino. You aren’t going to give up on life and die without it.
  2. Opt for a small sized frappuccino. I used to guzzle venti frappuccinos like it was my job (but for the record, I would’ve been really good at it). Downgrading to a tall (a.k.a. small) frappuccino will not only save that impending hole in your wallet, but some crappy calories and sugar too. Besides, when you order a vent, you get 2/3 of the way done and you feel like puking anyway.
  3. Refreshers are a delicious item to try. I was introduced to the fabulous cool lime refresher, and, let me tell you, it was a deliciously healthier discovery. Refreshers actually contain about a quarter of the amount of sugar that frappuccinos contain. Shocking, isn’t it? They come in three flavors but my absolute favorite for all of eternity is the cool lime refresher. Plus, there are real slices of lime in your drink! If for some reason you end up thinking that these refreshers taste like watered down fruit, then getting tea is always another great substitution. I highly recommend the unsweetened peach green tea.
  4. Have a meal, not a snack, with your morning coffee. If you’re going to go to Starbucks for breakfast, actually have breakfast, not a snack! That sugar cookie with your iced vanilla latte is absolutely not a meal! You have three meals a day to intake nutrients; don’t waste them! Sure, a brownie is great as a small snack in between meals, but not as a replacement for the most important meal of the day! Go for the hot oatmeal with your coffee. If you’re like me and think that oatmeal is really demonic sludge, have a toasted bagel instead. You’ll have way more energy with a better breakfast choice, just no annoying sugar high.
  5. Ditch the muffins, cakes and super sweet pastries. They’re good to look at and eat sparingly, but a crumb cake a day does not keep the doctor away. Your dentist might be after you, however. Anyway, these items have more sugar than anyone really needs. Swap these with a bistro box that includes apple slices or grapes, crackers, cheese, etc.
  6. Choose hot breakfast over pre-packaged breakfast. I admit it – those turkey pesto paninis are so good! But the sodium isn’t! Pre-packaged foods that require refrigeration (or must be kept frozen) contain way too much sodium compared to their fresher counterparts. The panini will have to go, and so will that flatbread sandwich you’re always eyeing. The sausage, egg and cheese sandwich at Starbucks is one of the hot breakfast items that aren’t pre-packaged, and therefor contain less sodium. There are other hot menu items that you’ll find delicious that don’t require plastic wrap.
  7. Drop the bottled iced coffee (but not literally because it might break).  The bottled iced lattes are good, but they weigh in pretty heavy on the sugar scale. Asking for a small (unbolted) caramel iced coffee with sugar free syrup cuts down on the sugar. Remember that Starbucks is extremely versatile when it comes to customizing your drinks. You can tailor them to your specific needs.

I hope this maybe taught you something you didn’t already know (or reinforced your knowledge if you already knew these things). Will I stay away from Starbucks forever and ever? Nope! Will I follow my own advice to make healthier changes? Absolutely!

How do you make healthier choices at Starbucks? 


7 Surprising Lessons I Learned During The Fall Semester

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when we can rot our brains on Netflix, wake up as late as we’d like and breathe a sigh of relief (unless you failed, like, half of your classes and still haven’t told your parents yet!) This is probably the second greatest time of year – after Christmas and the holiday season, of course. I’m talking about winter break. I actually took my last final just over a week ago and, might I add, it felt ah-mazing to walk out of there knowing I won’t have to touch another chapter of Java programming for (probably) the rest of my college career.

After finals, some of us were probably at that stage where we contemplate everything that went on during the fall semester – just before hitting the grief stage where we wonder what could have been if we had just gotten up for class every morning like we promised ourselves we would at the start of the semester. Looking back at my fall semester, I can definitely say that I’ve learned a few lessons that you can’t be taught in the classroom.

  1. Your quiet, comfy room can be the worst place to study. My room used to be my ultimate sanctuary – at home and away at college. I could get anything done in my room no matter how much attention the task required. But then my mini fridge filled with delicious food happened. Then my warm bed in a cold college dorm happened. Then the tiny piece of paper on my desk that wasn’t bothering me at all but I felt the need to get up and throw it out happened. Simply put, my dorm was just the perfect breeding ground for distractions. I found my new favorite study spot: the Starbucks at my college. In my opinion, it’s the best place for me to study and get things done. The dim lighting actually doesn’t make me want to fall asleep because I’m not a fan of bright light (I’m basically a vampire), there’s light noise that isn’t overwhelming and I’m not inclined to get up and do things for no reason. Realizing this helped ensured that I didn’t just squander the free time that I had.
  2. Saying ‘no’ to a friend is a little easier than we might think. Fun fact about me: I tend to look at a situation from all possible perspectives in order to determine the best course of action. I’m pretty much a really reasonable person. This being said, it boils my blood when I can see that someone is being completely unreasonable – especially when it’s a friend! I don’t appreciate having to work hard to be where I am and then someone else purposely slacking off and literally expecting me to make their life easier. Um, no. You’re barking at the wrong tree, buddy! I’ve had my fair share of saying ‘no’ to friends this semester, and it is actually easier than you might think it is. I know you don’t want to disappoint that person because they’re, like, you’re bff, but saying ‘no’ isn’t the end of the world. Honesty is the best thing you could give someone and if they don’t appreciate it or insist on putting you in an unreasonable situation, they can find a new friend (but they probably won’t find one as good as you are because you’re awesome!)
  3. Asking questions can sometimes lead to more than just answers. Quick story: I had been reading articles from a completely cool platform called Odyssey and I wanted to know how their open submission process worked. If I was able to submit an article and have it published on their site I’d be super psyched! Now, I know that you 8 times out of 10 will not receive a response when you contact sites through email and such but I decided to take a chance on this. A quick response lead to a phone call, which lead to me becoming the Editor in Chief of the newly established Odyssey branch at my college! I truly expected nothing as amazing as this to happen as the result of a simple email. It just goes to show that you don’t lose anything from asking a simple question. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  4. Staying connected to people is a big responsibility. I met so many cool new people this semester who I really would like to get to know better and become friends with, but to be honest, that’s actually a lot of work. When you have your own classes to worry about, meetings to attend, articles to write and edit and a full staff to manage, any amount of free time you have would like to be spent watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, or even just sitting in your bed scrolling through Twitter. Sure, I have tried to grab dinner with some people sometimes (because we all have to eat, of course) but even then, we all have very different schedules. I took a lot of evening classes this semester so when some peoples’ days were ending, mine were just getting started. Sadly, it seemed as though my social life could only accommodate my immediate friends even though I really wanted to make new friends.
  5. Netflix can be kryptonite – even for the best of us. I never understood when people talked about being “addicted” to Netflix. Just stop watching and get your butt up and do some work, I used to think as I rolled my eyes at my friends who were seemingly complaining about nothing. But then, I got into a few really good shows – I mean, really good shows. And when I wasn’t doing work I wanted to pick back up where I left off on Netflix. I never imagined that I would be that person because I have always been extremely studious and never let things get in my way. Yes, Netflix is a cool way to chill, but you’re picking a very deadly poison if you can’t control yourself long enough to realize that you might have an exam you need to study for. Might. 
  6. Everyone should stop believing in multi-tasking. I used to think that I was great at multi-tasking, no matter what I was doing. I have literally, in the past, baked cupcakes while cooking dinner, listening to music, helping my brother with homework and doing my own assignments. Easy-peasy. Piece of (cup)cake. But then in college, the work got more intricate and therefore required a more fine-tuned focus, in some cases for an extended period of time. I realized that I could not write a 10-page paper while scarfing down pasta and listening to Katy Perry. I mean, I could, but that’s just not the most efficient way to do things. Sure, you might be killing two birds with one plate of spaghetti, but truthfully, the more divided your attention is, the lower your performance on your tasks will be. Yes, eating food does require attention. Yes, listening to music does require attention. Focusing on one thing at a time made my life way simpler!
  7. Everything happens for a reason. Another quick story: When I realized early this semester that I wanted a career in writing, I went to the job and internship fair at my school (every single one of them) in order to seek an on-campus writing job. It’d be a great way for me to get my work out there, learn some new things and practice. I applied for many positions but there was one in particular that I had really wanted. The position consisted of a student writer producing articles about technology at our school. Awesome! I felt I was a very strong and versatile writer so I applied and, plus, the woman who would have been my boss seemed very impressed with what I could offer. A week went by and I hadn’t received any response. I emailed the woman (thank God for business cards) and I was told that the position had been given to someone else. I was sad but I pushed forward. That’s when my story from #3 happened – Odyssey. I was psyched to be an editor. I had the complete power to hire new writers and oversee everything. One day I received an application from a girl and, wouldn’t you know it, it was the same girl who got the writer position I had wanted a few months earlier! I was now her boss! Wow. I was stunned by this interesting twist of fate. So you see, not everything will work out on the very first try, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Things happen for a reason – and often, really amazing stunning jaw-dropping reasons!

What did you learn this semester? 


Swatches & Review: Tarte Dressed To The Nines Lip Creme Gift Set

Looking for a new high end lippie that won’t break the bank? How about nine new high end hippies for under $30? Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming. This is all very real thanks to the Dressed to the Nines Lip Creme Gift Set from Tarte. First of all, can I just say how proud I am of myself to have captured this steal? Seriously, I paid just $24 for a set of nine beautiful mini lip cremes. Did I mention these are limited edition lip cremes?

The set comes in three mini boxes with three lip cremes in each, so if you wanted to give a box of three to someone as a gift, Tarte just made it super easy for us to do so. Upon first look, all the lip cremes seemed to be a spectrum of pinky-red shades. They are topped with an easy to remove cap and they are retractable, so you can easily push up more product as it wears down. I really liked the presentation/packaging of the product. I’ll admit that I’m a major sucker for bright, pretty packaging and I really appreciated the detail on the front of each lip creme.


The nine colors in the set are: Ritzy, Jazzy, Luring, Stunning, Plush, Glamorous, Pizzaz, Striking and Luscious. Now, let’s get into a few pros and cons…


  • Creamy & moisturizing: This product goes on easily and is very moisturizing for your lips without being overly-greasy (yuck!)
  • (some) were pigmented: These hippies for the most part are very pigmented, so you don’t need to apply too much to attain a great color pay off. Stunning, however, wasn’t as pigmented as I would have liked it to be.
  • Long-wearing: I took Pizzaz out for a test run one day. I was out of my house for about seven hours, went to the movies and ate super cheesy popcorn and emerged with my lips still looking glamorous and pizzaz-y. I didn’t once have to reapply!
  • They’re tiny! Running late for class or work and don’t have enough time to apply lipstick? No problem! These don’t take up much space so they’re perfect for you to grab and go.
  • Cream finish: These aren’t super matte but they aren’t super slick and glossy either. There isn’t much sparkle or shimmer, which I love because I’m really not a fan of either in my lip products.


  • Initial minty smell: I’m kind of on the line about this one…The smell does not linger for too long, but the initial minty smell is very obvious. It tingles just slightly, but I feel like these should be either vanilla scented or fragrance free. This is especially important because some people experience mild discomfort from products with a minty fragrance. This discomfort might be just enough for some people to never use the product again! Less than a minute after applying one of the lip cremes, my mom wiped it off because of the tingle!

I think this gift set is great for anyone, especially if you’re just beginning your journey into the world of lip products. It’s not quite lipstick but it isn’t lipgloss. Like I said, these are great as gifts for others and absolutely perfect as a treat for yourself! Now let’s take a look at those swatches…

tarte swatches

Upon first look, the one that stands out to me the most is Pizzaz because it’s the brightest shade. Ritzy is a little more sheer compared to some of the other shades. Stunning is also rather sheer. If you want to add a pop of color to your lips without going overboard then I suggest Jazzy or Luring. If you want something that’s barely there, definitely go for Stunning. Ritzy is a pretty color for everyday wear. My favorite, however, is absolutely positively Pizzaz because it’s bright, bold and solid! I would say the runner up in my book would be Striking or Luscious.

I can say with confidence that I am basically madly in love with this gift set! This set contains so many rosy shades that you can have fun experimenting around with.

Which shade is your favorite? 


Tribal Sweater Nails

These nails are as cozy as your favorite sweater! You probably actually own a sweater that contains some components of this design. They were inspired by the cold weather and are kind of reminiscent of a little tribal vibe, not to mention super easy to create!

The colors I used are Essie’s Master Plan, Sinful Colors’ Black On Black, French White Tip from New York Color and Columbus Circle Crimson, also from New York Color.

After applying two coats of Master Plan to all of my nails and allowing it to completely dry, I used a thin striper brush to paint on a somewhat thick black line toward the top of my nails. Directly under that, I just took the regular applicator brush from Columbus Circle Crimson and painted an even thicker line in red. I had to go over this line a second time because the nail polish wasn’t as pigmented as I would have liked. By this time the black line I painted was dry, so I dipped a toothpick into French White Tip and began painting on the pattern with triangles as shown in the picture. Once the red line was dry I dipped the toothpick in the black nail polish and made a zigzag line through it. below that I used the same toothpick to do a row of short slanted lines in one direction and another row of the lines going in the opposite direction. I finished the design with small red dots and a top coat.

This design has a fair amount of detail to it and definitely requires a little more attention, especially when painting on those triangles! But afterward, you can enjoy the winter while sipping hot cocoa and flashing your fabulous mani!


5 TV Shows To Cozy Up To This Winter

If you’re like me and you’ve already finished binge watching tv shows that you’ve already seen at least once, then chances are you’re looking for a new show to satisfy your craving for Netflix. Nothing says, ‘winter break,’ like sitting in a toasty room, hot chocolate in hand, eyes glued to the screen of your smart tv or laptop. If you’re looking to discover a potential interest in a tv show you’ve never seen before, then you’ve come to the right place! Don’t worry, I’m not about to suggest shows like Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, or Revenge that pretty much everyone already knows about (though I do enjoy watching Emily Thorne’s quest to make people suffer unfold). They’re fantastic shows, but here are some I got to know that I couldn’t stop watching.

1. iZombie 

Synopsis: Olivia Moore was a diligent student with a residency at the ER…in her past life, that is! She was scratched by a zombie and now she is one. Her secret put many things in her life on hold, but becoming a zombie is not without perks. Let’s just say that she now has some undeniable qualities that make her kick-butt detective for the Seattle police department.

My thoughts: This show is different from your normal crime drama because of the intricate comic book detail that you see throughout the show – that and the fact that our young sleuth eats the brains of the victims in order to uncover the gruesome details behind their murders! We can see what Liv sees after eating a victim’s brain, and the attitudes she adopts are all extremely different and entertaining. Many of the murders are actually really fascinating (like the girl who ended up impaled by a tree branch after a skydiving incident that wasn’t actually an incident). Some other awesome characters to look out for in this show are Ravi (Liv’s new British boss in the morgue who comes equipped with an arsenal of intelligent comebacks), Evan (Liv’s seemingly pointless younger brother who actually plays a HUGE part in the explosive season finale *hint, hint*) and Blaine (because every show needs a cynical buttwipe).

2. The Fosters

Synopsis: Callie and her younger brother, Jude, are prisoners of the foster care system. There is no doubt in Callie’s mind that she and her brother will never find a loving foster family…but then they met the Fosters. Upon Callie and Jude’s arrival, the family is literally turned upside down and sideways with all the crime, romantic drama, tension and trouble that ensues, and almost everyone has something to lose.

My thoughts: I have my roommate to thank for introducing me to this show. Every episode is drama after drama after drama! Some real issues, such as discovering one’s sexual orientation, are brought to light in this show in a really great way. Honestly, I hate Callie and Brandon. Her pigheadedness gets herself and the ones around her in trouble and it’s like she never learns her lesson (or rather, countless lessons). Of course, this is what the show is all about. Besides, you know the show is good when you can actually feel some type of way toward the characters! Honestly, there was never a dull moment during this show!

3. Cupcake Wars

Synopsis: Bakers with businesses back home come from all over the country to compete against each other in the fight to woo three top notch judges (one of which is usually a celebrity or a representative of the cause for that episode). Bakers go through a series of challenges until two are left standing for the final challenge: create a display of 1,000 cupcakes to be featured at an exclusively lavish event.

My thoughts: If you love baking (or eating food) and you love competition and the occasional mishap, this is the show for you! It amazes me that the contestants on this show are always great bakers at home that can blow your mind, but come competition time and they can really falter and fail. Some absolutely devastating things have happened during competition and you will always find yourself rooting for that one baker – or you might find yourself fuming if that one baker loses.

4. Witches of East End

Synopsis: A family of witches is in huge trouble after the mother has tried – for centuries – to suppress the powers her daughters possess. Of course, nothing is without consequence. Someone truly evil is out for this family’s blood.

My thoughts: I just started watching this show and it’s bizarre enough to keep me interested! This isn’t Sabrina the Teenage Witch level of magic. I actually appreciate the use of Latin in this show (I proudly took Latin in high school) and some weird things actually do happen that may have you looking over your shoulder! The details behind the storyline make this show one of a kind – I mean, who watches her children die and be born again over a dozen times? The show is a bit fast-paced in the sense that the plot of each episode carries on a bit too quickly. But this is definitely the show for you if you like the supernatural and witches!

5. Young & Hungry

Synopsis: A young and bubbly chef named Gabi and her intelligent and equally insane roommate need money, which means Gabi needs a job. She is hired to cook for a tech genius for whom she begins to catch feelings and sleeps with. Did I mention he’s engaged? The series follows Gabi’s screw ups as she continuously meddles in other people’s lives.

My thoughts: I saved the best for last! If the catchy intro in season two isn’t enough to persuade you to watch this show, then here are some other cool things about Young & Hungry. Gab’s situations are unique – like, you’ll never ever find yourself in her situation, unique. But that’s what makes them entertaining! Watch out for Elliot – his tongue is as sharp as a tack! With Elliot around to fill the room with sass and cut-throat comebacks, you’ll laugh for hours! All characters considered, there is literally no topic that is off limits for jokes on this show!

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of some newly discovered shows that I personally find great!

What tv show are you into this winter?