5 Types Of Pinterest Boards That Will Make Life Easier

pinterest boards that make life easier

I, like many other people, could spend hours looking through cute DIY projects, recipes, and outfit inspiration on Pinterest. It’s such a great site for organizing everything that inspires you in one place, but sometimes some pins just sit there — never to be visited by us again. But there are so many ways you can actually use what you pin in your everyday life, and they make things so much easier! I haven’t been a user of Pinterest for as long as many others have, but the boards I’ve created and the things I’ve saved have been super useful to me, and I hope that everyone is able to say that that’s their experience with Pinterest as well. That being said, here are the types of Pinterest boards that can make your life so much easier and that you must have.

1. Professional outfit inspo.

professional outfit inspo pinterest

This is one of my favorite boards because I got a summer internship and muscle shirts and short shorts aren’t exactly allowed in an office. I’ve found so many outfit ideas that make me look well put together and like a professional, even though I haven’t even graduated from college yet! It’s basically like having your own little lookbook, and you can definitely find professional outfit inspo that’s suitable for all seasons.Of course, it definitely depends on the type of work you do, and the dress code of the company, but you’ll still be able to find pieces that can fit. Having ideas for professional outfits is also great for upcoming job interviews and meetings. You won’t have to worry about not knowing what to wear!

2. Hacks.

life hacks pinterest

Hacks are literally blessings! Without a doubt, they make performing tasks and living life much easier, and they can even teach you how to still get something done cheaply. So a Pinterest board full of ideas for making your life easier will seriously make your life easier! I’ve found and pinned hacks from how to remove every type of pesky stain to dorm room meal hacks. One of my favorites is probably hacks/uses for nail polish around the house, because I HAVE A LOT OF NAIL POLISH! You can find hacks for literally anything, and to be honest, searching for them is a lot of fun too. If you’re a college student, you should definitely stock up on the multitude of dorm room hacks. If you love cooking or baking, different food hacks would be super helpful for you the next time you make dinner.

3. Recipes/cooking inspo.

lunch ideas pinterest

Need to cook dinner for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you’re drowning in the 20 billion recipes the internet is throwing at you? Maybe mom’s old recipe box just isn’t cutting it anymore. Having a Pinterest board of delicious recipes can save you so much time when looking for meal inspiration. And you can choose your own difficulty; you can create a board strictly for super easy recipes, or recipes that will really challenge you. You can also recipes that contain specific ingredients (like avocados!!) and you’ll always be up to date on whatever’s new in the food world. I’ve found some of my new favorite chicken recipes by doing this. I’ve also found more ways to eat healthier that I love so much!

4. Room decor.

dorm room decor pinterest

Whether you’re thinking about decorating a college dorm room or an entire apartment, these kinds of boards will help you put together the space of your dreams (or at least come very close!) There are so many styles and looks you can search up, and you can save articles that give you helpful tips when it comes to decorating. I love finding new ways to decorate my dorm room — where to place DIY art canvases, subtle ways to add some color to the room, how to dress things up with some plants without going overboard…you get the idea. If you need some dorm decorating inspo, also remember to check to see if certain items are allowed in your college’s dorms.

5. Gift inspo. 

gift ideas pinterest

There are literally so many things you can give gifts for: Christmas; Mother’s Day; Father’s Day; Birthdays; Teacher Appreciation Day; Valentine’s Day; Best Friends Day…the list goes on and on, and sometimes you don’t always have the time and energy to sit down and really think about a great, fun, unique gift idea when you need to. This is where the helpfulness of a Pinterest board for gift ideas comes in. I personally love buying small things and creating my own gift baskets or bundles out of them. This way, it’s so easy to really personalize the gift and make sure that you’re giving the recipient exactly what they love and would use. Pinterest doesn’t just have DIY gift ideas (so that’s great news if you’re not into DIY projects). I found some awesome Harry Potter themed gifts (yessssssss) and also some really awesome, sassy mugs that I’d be so excited to give as gifts. Also, this Pinterest board really takes the hard work out of coming up with funny, adorable puns for the gifts!

gift ideas pinterest

This is definitely a really fun board to put together!

So did I convince you that you just need these kinds of Pinterest boards in your life? These boards are serious time-savers after you create them, and you’ll really enjoy putting them together!

What are some other really useful Pinterest boards? 

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