dscn0140Hey! I’m Jasmin and I’m a college senior with a major in Journalism and a minor in Digital Arts. This probably sounds like the beginning of one of those ice breakers they make you do during orientation. I’d give you a list of my interests but then you’d be sitting here reading my bio all night (or you’ll just get tired and exit your browser). Instead, here are some surprising fast facts about me: 

I can do nail art with both hands. I have dyed my hair almost every color of the rainbow (almost). I love green tea flavored everything, including: ice cream, cake, cookies, kit-kat, oreos and iced lattes. And yes, I’d get my hands on green tea flavored yogurt if I could. My hair is actually naturally curly. I have a 3B curl pattern, in case you’re interested. I also wrote an article titled A Curly Girl’s Guide To Flaunting Her Curls, which you can check out here. Oh, and I also have the same birthday as YouTube celebrity, Tyler Oakley, which I’m really proud of! 

Fast facts aside, I created Macarons & Mascara to contribute my personal two cents about helping girls like me thrive in college. You’ll find tips on so many things as it relates to life as a college girl. Overall, I hope to expand my writing experience while developing a brand that’s completely me. 

I hope my posts will entertain you, inform you, or even just help you kill time while you eat a bagel and sip an iced vanilla latte at Starbucks!

– Jasmincropped-mm-logo.png

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