13 Tips For Saving Money In College

how to save money in college

So you’ve probably heard over and over again that “college is expensive” and “you’re going to spend a lot of money,” and I can tell you with absolute confidence that all that is 100% true if you don’t know how… Continue Reading

12 Things I Learned From My First NYC Editorial Internship

12 Things I Learned From My NYC Internship

This summer I had the amazing experience of interning at Revelist.com, a super cool, super badass site for millennial women that publishes articles on a variety of topics. I was a lifestyle intern, which meant that I would cover stories related… Continue Reading

9 Things You Need To Make College Life Easier

9 Things You Need To Make College Life Easier

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Single Edition Media. What’s a huge investment, can be super stressful, but can also be really fun and totally worthwhile? College, of course! Yeah, there will definitely be some moments of victory and… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Textbooks In College

The ultimate guide to buying textbooks in college

With tuition to pay, dorm essentials to buy, and general back-to-school shopping, you’re probably wondering, can college get anymore expensive?? Yes, yes it can. Possibly more stressful than college move-in day is textbook buying for your classes. It isn’t like high school… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Dorm Decor + Free Wall Art Printables!

the ultimate guide to dorm decor

If you’re as excited for the Fall 2016 semester as I am, you’re probably already scouring Pinterest for really cute dorm decor ideas. I don’t blame ya; there are some seriously drool-worthy dorm rooms on Pinterest…if dorm rooms were food… Continue Reading

5 Things To Do Before You Meet Your Roommate

things to do before you meet your roommate

Your roommate is going to be a huge part of your college life whether you plan to try to be besties with yours or ignore them day in and day out (but try not to decide on the latter). Unless… Continue Reading

10 College Beauty Essentials

college beauty essentials

I love talking about beauty, and I also love talking about college. And that’s how this post came about! In all seriousness, the stress of packing for college can make us do some crazy things…including forgetting to pack some really… Continue Reading

17 Tips To Make College Move-In Day Much Easier

how to survive college move-in day

The day you’ve been (excitedly? nervously?) waiting for is finally here…but maybe you aren’t quite ready for it. Move-in day can be a bit nerve-wrecking because you might be worried about what your room will look like, if you packed… Continue Reading

19 Things I Learned From My First NYC Conference

my her conference experience

This Saturday I attended Her Conference, a conference for young, awesome college women from all over to come together and learn from inspiring and hardworking speakers in the media industry (and each other!). I’m a writer at my school’s chapter… Continue Reading

8 Ways to Stay Close With Your High School Friends – Guest Post by Alyssa From Living In Full Bloom!

How to stay close with your high school friends

Hey there! When you graduate high school, you and all your friends are going to be going in different directions. You all have your own lives and your own goals, and most of you will probably be moving away from… Continue Reading

5 Summer Nail Polishes Under $5

5 summer nail polishes under $5

One of my favorite things about season changes is being able to buy new shades of nail polish that go with the season. In my opinion, any time is a good time for buying nail polish, but new seasons make… Continue Reading

7 Tips For Cutting Soda From Your Diet

how to kick a soda habit

Let me just begin by saying that I’m not a nutritionist, nor do I claim to be; I’m just speaking from experience! I know that sometimes there’s nothing like a can of sweet, bubbly soda to wash down your slice… Continue Reading

5 Types Of Pinterest Boards That Will Make Life Easier

pinterest boards that make life easier

I, like many other people, could spend hours looking through cute DIY projects, recipes, and outfit inspiration on Pinterest. It’s such a great site for organizing everything that inspires you in one place, but sometimes some pins just sit there — never… Continue Reading

12 Internship Mistakes To Stop Making Right Now

things to not do at your internship

Internships are fantastic ways for you to gain experience in the field you hope to have a career in, or even in an adjacent field. We all definitely want to make sure that we make a great impression (especially on the first… Continue Reading

A College Girl’s Ultimate College Packing List + Free Printable!

college girl's ultimate college packing list

It’s that time of the year again: high school graduates have walked their tassels across the stage, signed yearbooks, and basically peaced out of their high school lockers. And now it’s time to plan for college. I could tell you all… Continue Reading