The Ultimate Study Session Playlist


How many times have you found yourself in this situation: you’re chilling in the library, or your favorite study spot, with textbooks and lecture notes in front of you, preparing for an upcoming exam or just trying not to fall… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To College Game Day

the ultimate guide to college game day

Attending college football games on my campus is one of my biggest goals this semester. You see, I don’t know the first thing about football and I never really cared to go out to any of the games. But this… Continue Reading

11 Things To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed In College


Is it bad that I’ve only had three weeks of classes and I already want the semester to be over? No? Okay, good. Don’t get me wrong, I do love most of my classes and I feel like they’ll only… Continue Reading

7 Matte Lipsticks Under $8

7 matte lipsticks under $8

Beauty confession: I’m in absolute love with matte lipstick. To be fair, I prefer a matte finish to basically everything — eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner????????? — so I really love the look of perfectly mattified pouts. While I do splurge from… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Life In College

how to get organized in college

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by May Designs. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own, I’d never lie to ya!  Whoever said college was easy is a big liar and I’d like to high-five their face with… Continue Reading

10 Secrets For Making New Friends In College

how to make new friends in college

Social life can play a big part in your college experience, whether you want to believe it or not. You don’t need to be the most popular kid on campus, and let’s be real, that contest has “cliche high school food… Continue Reading

6 Things To Do To Make Your Mornings More Exciting

how to make your mornings more exciting

Sidenote: The cupcakes in my photo have absolutely NOTHING to do with boring morning routines. I just thought it was a really pretty, fun picture on my camera roll so I decided to use it for this post! Aren’t they… Continue Reading

How To Survive Back-To-Back Classes (With No Breaks In Between!)

how to survive back to back college classes

Last year, I had a lot of gaps in my schedule — like, I’d have my first class at 10a.m., then a FIVE-HOUR break, and then class again. I learned how to deal with that in a way that worked… Continue Reading

13 Tips For Saving Money In College

how to save money in college

So you’ve probably heard over and over again that “college is expensive” and “you’re going to spend a lot of money,” and I can tell you with absolute confidence that all that is 100% true if you don’t know how… Continue Reading

12 Things I Learned From My First NYC Editorial Internship

12 Things I Learned From My NYC Internship

This summer I had the amazing experience of interning at, a super cool, super badass site for millennial women that publishes articles on a variety of topics. I was a lifestyle intern, which meant that I would cover stories related… Continue Reading

9 Things You Need To Make College Life Easier

9 Things You Need To Make College Life Easier

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. What’s a huge investment, can be super stressful, but can also be really fun and totally worthwhile? College, of course! Yeah, there will definitely be some moments of victory and… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Textbooks In College

The ultimate guide to buying textbooks in college

With tuition to pay, dorm essentials to buy, and general back-to-school shopping, you’re probably wondering, can college get anymore expensive?? Yes, yes it can. Possibly more stressful than college move-in day is textbook buying for your classes. It isn’t like high school… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Dorm Decor + Free Wall Art Printables!

the ultimate guide to dorm decor

If you’re as excited for the Fall 2016 semester as I am, you’re probably already scouring Pinterest for really cute dorm decor ideas. I don’t blame ya; there are some seriously drool-worthy dorm rooms on Pinterest…if dorm rooms were food… Continue Reading

5 Things To Do Before You Meet Your Roommate

things to do before you meet your roommate

Your roommate is going to be a huge part of your college life whether you plan to try to be besties with yours or ignore them day in and day out (but try not to decide on the latter). Unless… Continue Reading

10 College Beauty Essentials

college beauty essentials

I love talking about beauty, and I also love talking about college. And that’s how this post came about! In all seriousness, the stress of packing for college can make us do some crazy things…including forgetting to pack some really… Continue Reading