The Ultimate Guide To Comfortably Wearing Heels Around Campus

How To Comfortably Wear Heels Around Campus

Wearing heels on campus is a scary concept to me. There are cracks left and right in the parking lot I walk through to get to class; It’s a 15-minute walk from my dorm room to the library, and I don’t really want to make that trip in heels; If I were to stumble and fall over on campus, I’d be stumbling and falling over in front of 20,000+ people. So, no, I don’t usually wear high heels on campus. Except, this week I did. I wore heels for most of the week and it turns out that I didn’t experience as much pain as I thought I would! When I’ve worn heels in the past, my feet have basically started bleeding after a few hours.

Avoiding wearing heels on super busy days is probably the biggest way to avoid putting your feet in pain, but sometimes the situation is unavoidable and you’ll just have to deal with it. You may have a meeting in the morning and an interview in the evening, or a class presentation at noon and a banquet at night. Sounds like your feet would be in for a rough journey. On the days I wore heels this week, however, I was able to comfortably walk and stand in them basically all day! As you can see by the above photo of me, I’m literally JUMPING with my favorite pair of booties with a 3.25″ heel! So what sorcery made it possible for me to do this??? Here are my tips for being comfortable in your heels.

1. Avoid heels higher than 3.5 inches. 

If you can get heels no higher than 3 inches, that’s even better. One concept about the art of high heels that I didn’t know about until my mom told me is called a platform. Heels without a platform move pressure forward on your toes because your foot is elevated at an angle. The higher the heel, the more of a platform you’ll need in order to be comfortable. Also, if you can wear something with a thick heel, that’s even better. I typically only buy booties with chunky heels because I feel more confident stepping on cracks in the sidewalk if my heel isn’t skinner than the pencils at the bottom of my backpack.

2. Purchase the right size. 

No matter how tempting it is to wear your cute, strappy heels from high school, if you can’t really fit into them anymore, you’re better off just buying a new pair. It’s NOT worth the pain to walk around in heels that pinch your feet from every direction. On my most recent trip back home, I uncovered a pair of tan booties I used to wear in high school. I thought they’d go perfectly with a casual dress I recently bought, but when I tried them on again, they were a bit tight and uncomfortable to move in.

3. Invest in feet cushions.

Have you ever worn heels and then take them off to find that the back of your foot above your heel is now red, bleeding, and in pain? Last summer, I bought these gel-like feet cushions that you stick on the insides of your heels to avoid this problem, and let me tell you, I don’t even remember what life was like without them. These are a must-have. Because one side is a strong adhesive to stick to your shoe, you can’t really remove them and put them in different shoes, so investing in a set of them is probably the best thing to do. They’re pretty inexpensive, too and you can get them at pharmacies like Duane Reade.

The Ultimate Guide To Comfortably Wearing Heels On Campus

4. Take shortcuts on campus. 

Do everything in your power to avoid taking the long way to class or to your job. If a friend offers to drive you somewhere, take them up on that offer. I also try to avoid walking on any surface that isn’t relatively flat. My campus has some small areas that are designed to look like cobblestones, and I avoid walking there on a regular day when I’m wearing sneakers so you can bet your Kate Spade coupon I’m going to avoid walking over those stones in heels. I’m also not a fan of walking in mud or over grass when I’m wearing heels because you never know when you could walk over a rough patch and end up on your face.

5. Take advantage of any opportunity to sit down. 

This is more of a precautionary measure for later in the day. You never know when your next opportunity to sit down will be, especially if you have a busy rest of the day ahead of you! If you’re waiting on a friend for lunch or waiting for your professor to come to office hours, take this as a chance to pull up a chair or have a seat on the floor. It takes some pressure off your feet for a little bit until you’re ready to hop on them again.

6. Tread carefully. 

I know some people like to have a heavy step so everyone and their mother knows they’re coming, but if you aren’t careful you could break the heel of your shoe. Be very cautious when walking to avoid embarrassing moments like this, and to avoid hurting your feet more.

What are your tips for surviving the day in heels? 

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10 Of The Cutest Must-Have Spring Accessories

10 Of The Cutest Must-Have Spring Accessories

My favorite thing about the changing of any season is the changing of the cute outfits and accessories that get sold in the stories (and having gorgeous new scenery for photoshoots). Spring is extra fun because floral prints and pastels basically get vomited on everything and the changing weather makes it possible for you to show it all off. At least I hope so…these past few years have given us here in the northeast snow in April, so I don’t know. Untimely precipitation aside, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 cutest accessories that you NEED to have in a special place in your closet this spring. Many of these items can go with almost anything, so you’ll never run out of cute outfit ideas for class, brunch, a picnic with friends, or photoshoots.

1. Elastic flower crown — $12

Flower crowns have been my thing since high school. I’ve always been so attracted to the feeling of enchantment and innocence that flower crowns embody. I spent months staring in awe at the models online rocking flower crowns before I decided that enough was enough and I needed one in my life. Flower crowns are perfect for when you’re running late and don’t know what to do with your bedhead. They jazz up your look without being too over-the-top, and you probably won’t be able to buy just one! You don’t have to pick one with GIGANTIC flowers on the elastic; the one pictured above is very subtle but still very spring-worthy. 

2. Floral headwrap/headband — $8

If you aren’t a fan of flower crowns, try floral print headbands instead. They’re still really cute and playful but won’t draw as much attention as a flower crown. They also add a flirty element to any outfit, so you might find yourself reaching for it when prepping for a picnic on the grass with your crush or boyfriend or girlfriend. The hairstyle I return to my room at night with is often not the one I left with in the morning, so I always like carrying a headband in my backpack to make last minute hairstyles in the bathroom before class easier.

3. This puppy crossbody bag — $13

I adore funky purses and crossbody bags, and that’s really saying something because I’m really not a purse and handbag kinda gal; if I can do without having to carry a bag on my shoulder, I’m good. But honestly, every girl needs a cute crossbody for something. They’re great for when you don’t need space for a ton of items — just the essentials like your phone, wallet, and lipstick — and when you want your hands to be free. Be bold and get your hands on something adorable and out of the ordinary. I have seen some really cute ones, like a pineapple crossbody from Kate Spade, but this puppy one is my favorite! Who can say no to that face???

4. An eyelash scarf — $24

Thankfully, there are no real human eyelashes involved in this scarf, but the wispiness gives it a really pretty effect that’s perfect for a spring look. The scarf is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about sweat rolling down your neck while you wear it. Even though it can sometimes be windy or chilly, you really don’t need to stock up on scarves for the spring, so I recommend investing in one spring scarf you absolutely adore and just wearing it whenever it fits your fancy.

5. A statement ring — $38

Heaven knows I can’t be me without my rings. Ask my parents about my relationship with rings and they’ll roll their eyes and tell you they don’t know where to begin. Just take my word for it: I. FREAKIN’. LOVE. RINGS. You can definitely wear three different and be super fancy, but you can also wear one big statement ring that fits all the glamour. Got an evening best friend date and want to accessorize? This is perfect. Just want some hand candy for going to class on a nice day? You’ll gobble up the compliments you’ll get about your ring.

6. Sunglasses — $35

Sunglasses are another one of my obsessions. I personally believe that you can never go wrong with having a nice pair for those days when the sun has made it a personal mission to blind you. Shades with really colorful lenses are a fun way to get in the spirit of spring.

7. Bracelet-watch set — $30

Curating the perfect set of arm candy takes time and sometimes a lot of money, so buy a bracelet set that takes care of that for you. I adore sets like these because everything fits together nicely and can really make your look stand out. I hate not wearing watches because it’s so much easier to just look at your wrist for the time than to dig inside your backpack or jacket pocket for your phone (because a shallow pocket suddenly becomes two-feet deep when you really need something in there). There are so many cute spring collections that you can choose from!

8. A fun hair scrunchie — $6

These hair scrunchies that have those little bunny ear things on them are so simple yet so cute and can add a little flair and flirt to any ponytail. I remember when a lot of people started thinking that these big, poofy hair scrunchies were so “elementary school.” Get a pretty patterned one that’ll make all the girls jealous. Pro tip: get a scrunchie in your school’s color so you can support your school’s sports teams from head to toe.

9. A skinny belt — $20

Belts are the perfect accessory for accentuating your waistline and adding dimension to an outfit. I love the way skinny belts look when worn on top of shift dresses or baggy tops. Because it’s spring, dresses and other items made from light, flowy material are in, so you’ll see lots of these.

10. Cute patterned stockings — $6

Because it can still get chilly during the springtime, stockings are a closet staple if you’re going to wear dresses or skirts. Fishnet stockings may not be appropriate for a job interview, but they can look really cute with an edgy skirt. I don’t wear dresses or skirts much but I always make sure I have one pair of skin color stockings (for professional things) and one pair of really cute sheer stockings with a dot pattern on them for when I actually decide to put on a dress. Patterned leggings can add texture to your outfit and are especially cute if you’re wearing a solid colored dress or skirt.

What are your must-have accessories for the spring?

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7 Handbag Essentials For The Winter

7 winter handbag essentials

I hate winter with such an unbelievable passion. I hate how cold it gets; I hate when the nice, neat snow turns to slush and then turns to ice and you feel like with just one wrong step your life will flash before your eyes; I hate walking to class when the snow is coming down and there are snowflakes stinging your face. But one thing I do like about winter is buying cute accessories and things to accommodate for the weather.

In college (and in life), a smart looking handbag is a must because you might attend some professional events, some interviews, and some sophisticated gatherings. With winter coming, you should also make sure that you stuff your handbag with all the necessities just in case you need something in a hurry. Here are some things I’ll be putting in my handbag this winter:

1. Touchscreen gloves

These are LIFE-SAVING. Well, they’re finger-saving because you won’t have to worry about your fingers freezing while you’re outside trying to send a quick text to mom. Touchscreen gloves are perfect for when you want to use your phone comfortably in 10-degree weather. In my opinion, they’re better than having just regular gloves because you can’t use your phone with regular gloves on — if anything, you might have to take them off, use your phone, then put them back on, and that’s pretty inconvenient for your cold hands! Target has a nice selection of touch-sensitive gloves; that’s where I got my pair!

2. Lip balm

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve shared my love for lip balm with you. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I’m lip balm-crazed. I have a collection of lip balms and I’m not ashamed of it. If your lips tend to get extra dry during the winter, then lip balm is a must. Super dry lips can lead to painful cracking, so make sure you keep your favorite balm in your bag. Right now, I’m obsessing over this all natural lip balm from BeeByGBeauty’s Etsy shop. It’s made from beeswax and the peppermint and vanilla ones are perfect for winter! Head on over to my Instagram to check them out and don’t forget to follow Glynnis Cowley on Instagram!

3. Tissues

Runny noses are so good at catching you off guard. I seriously have no idea how they do it. All the more reason to come prepared with a packet of tissues. There’s not really an excuse to not keep them on you because the packets are so small, and some companies even make slim, wallet-style tissue packets so they fit conveniently anywhere. Buy packets in bulk so you can just replace the one in your bag when you run out.

4. Cough drops

Ever notice that you never have a cough drop when you desperately need one? Same. They’re especially great to have when you feel yourself starting to get a sore throat. Remember, it’s so easy to get sick during the cold weather. You don’t need to stuff an entire bag of cough drops in your bag, but having just a handful on you at all times can really be helpful.

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5. Sunglasses

The sun can be out even if there’s snow on the ground! I never go anywhere without sunglasses in my pocket, in my bag, on my head, etc. I even carry sunglasses with me on rainy days just in case a few rays of light decide to make an entrance. If you’re a sunglasses super fan like me, you’ll probably be carrying them around anyway!

6. Insulated travel mug

Like I said before, winter is the time when so many people come down with colds. It’s super annoying when you have a sore throat or stuffy nose and just need some hot tea to soothe your throat or clear your sinuses and then you can’t find it anywhere on campus or in your area. Just as annoying is if you’re out in the city and the prices of hot drinks don’t suit your budget. To avoid this, make your hot beverage before you leave your room or home and carry it with you. I got a really cute insulated travel mug in my swag bag at Her Conference this summer, so I’ll definitely be using it in the coming weeks!

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7. Earmuffs

Sometimes it isn’t quite cold enough to feel like you need a hat, but sometimes the weather surprises you (just like those runny noses). My mom always made me wear a hat regardless when I was younger because she said that it’s bad for the really cold air to get inside your ears. This is where earmuffs come in. Some of them are small enough to keep in your bag, so you can whip them out and put them on when you need them. If you aren’t a fan of earmuffs, knit headbands are a great alternative. I crochet and have made so many, and given so many to friends as gifts over the years. They’re so cute and stylish and will keep your ears warm!

What are your winter handbag essentials? 

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13 Things You Need To Throw Out Right Now: Wardrobe Edition

I’ve been doing lots of cleaning lately and have been coming across so many items that I’ve kept in my room for far too long. Last week I told you all about Things You Need To Throw Out of your room, but this time I’m back with the wardrobe edition, because THERE IS SO MUCH CRAP IN MY CLOSET (and maybe in yours, too!) I know you’ll be super busy cleaning out your closet after this, so let’s keep this intro short and sweet and get right to it.

1. Anything that can no longer fit you. 

If you’ve thickened up or slimmed down, most of the clothing you have may not be able to fit you anymore. Sometimes I’d accidentally buy a top or pants that were a little too tight for me and I used to tell myself, “oh well, I’ll use this as motivation to lose some weight.” I’m being totally real here: more often than not, those were empty words for me. So now I just get rid of things that have become too tight for me. You can always try to find the same thing in a more comfortable fit.

2. Things you promised to use as a DIY project but didn’t. 

I love doing DIY projects, but over the years I’ve accumulated so many old pieces of clothing that I promised to make a cool muscle shirt out of, or a cute pair of shorts but I never got around to doing any of it. Just skip the arts and crafts and toss whatever’s taking up space in your closet. Re-vamping a few things is cool and all, but if you were super into it you’d probably have done it already.

3. Shoes you don’t wear anymore. 

Maybe that sale from two years ago was just way too good and you had to snatch those boots…and the sandals, and the flats, and the high heels. But you’ve forgotten about them over the years and instead bought brand new pairs of shoes that you’re in much more love with. If they’re just sitting there collecting dust, it’s about time you kicked your kicks to the curb.

4. Clothes that just aren’t your style anymore. 

My style has changed so much from high school — from athletic to my version of goth to preppy to girly to college kid? Well that might as well be a style. Anyway, I have found so many things that I just cringe at now and probably would never even think of wearing. These are definitely the types of things you just need to let go of.

5. Things that have seen better days. 

I know you’ve been through so much with your favorite blue t-shirt, and your cardigan has been there for you through thick and thin, but you just need to move on from really beaten up clothes. I usually have a hard time letting go of things — including six pairs of black leggings with rips near the crotch and thighs ‘cuz chaffing — but they serve no purpose when they’re that damaged. This goes for clothes with stains you can’t remove, bleached things, things you got hair dye on, etc.

6. Anything that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable when you wear it. 

I used to love wearing bodycon dresses and skirts, but now I personally prefer things that are a looser like skater dresses and skirts. It’s just a personal preference of mine. But I had so many dresses from when I was really into bodycon, but I knew I wouldn’t be wearing them again, so it was definitely time for them to go. This also goes for shoes that hurt your feet badly.

7. Clothes that still have the tags on them.

We’re probably all really guilty of buying clothes and never wearing them once. If you look hard enough you might even be able to find something more than two years old that still has the tag on it! I wouldn’t put these in the garbage but I would definitely try to give them away to someone who would actually like and wear it.

8. Your middle school uniform!

I shit you not; I actually still had my blue polos and khakis from middle school! Old gym uniforms may be okay for wearing around the house or for sleeping in, but I doubt you’d wear a shirt with your school crest stitched onto it to an interview, or a date, or a hangout with friends.

9. Broken or ripped bags. 

I’m literally the self-proclaimed queen of screwing up bags of all kinds. I’ve gone through more bags in high school than I could count on one hand — all ripped or with broken straps and zippers. Over the years I’ve managed to create a bag graveyard in my closet and they’ve all just been sitting there. *cringe* These bags need to move onto a better place.

10. Broken sunglasses (or ones that keep breaking). 

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see a broken pair of loyal sunglasses, but you can’t keep trying to salvage what’s no longer there. Toss this pair out and get a new one.

11. Jewelry you haven’t touched in years. 

Jewelry was like my natural high — rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all — but since entering college I have become less and less of a jewelry snob and have taken to wearing more simple pieces on a daily basis. So my room is scattered with wild pieces of statement jewelry that haven’t seen the light of day since high school. You haven’t touched them in so long and you probably won’t ever.

12. Tarnished jewelry. 

This is a no-brainer. Tarnished rings sometimes turn your finger green, and rusted necklaces and bracelets just aren’t as pretty as they were before.

13. Broken watches you got for less than $20. 

I’ve somehow managed to break three watches in one year and I STILL kept the broken pieces for NO REASON at all! I got every watch for under $20 and I had no intention of trying to get them fixed, so I should’ve tossed them a long time ago! Good riddance!

Keep in mind that tossing things in the garbage isn’t the only solution here — you can also donate some of the things on this list to clothing and shoe drives in your neighborhood, or the poor boxes at your neighborhood religious organization. Shoes you don’t wear anymore and things that aren’t your style anymore are great candidates for this option. You can even try to sell your clothes at yard sales or by taking them to stores that buy back clothes.

What are your tips for cleaning up your closet? 

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6 Pairs Of Shoes You Need For Your Summer Internship

Congrats on scoring your awesome summer internship — you worked hard for it (believe me, the process is not all that easy!) But if you still haven’t found that summer opportunity yet, take a peek at my post on how to get a summer internship. My current lifestyle internship is the first internship I’ve ever had, so you can imagine all the new things I’ve been learning — like what shoes you should wear when you’re hurriedly stepping through the bustling Manhattan streets to get to your professional work environment. Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So to help you figure it all out, I’ve put together a list of six pairs of shoes I think are absolute musts for your internship.

  1. Simple, black wedges. These are great if you’re looking to add some extra height to your outfit. Wedges are great, especially in a city environment, because you don’t have to worry about a heel about as thick as pencil getting stuck in any sewer grates or cracks in the sidewalk. Also, because they’re wedges you get that added stability that you don’t always get with every pair of regular heels. Plus, black is pretty sophisticated and goes with everything, so this is definitely professional enough for the workplace.
  2. A pair of short heels. Wearing a little, traditional heel is fine (as long as you can walk quickly in them!) I wouldn’t suggest three-inch heels, though I think that two inches is okay (it’s as high as I’d go if I’m trudging through the city!) A pair of high heels is classic footwear on a professional occasion, so you’ll definitely look the part. I’m really becoming more and more into those pointy-toed heels, because the colors and designs they come in make them look so flattering. Plus, outfit inspo from Pinterest has really made me believe that I too can rock those kinds of heels. But if you’re not a fan of pointy-toed heels then you can just opt for rounded-toe heels. You can definitely have fun with these to make them really go with your outfit. Also, try to snag a pair of heels that includes some sort of strap (just like in the one pictured above) to really secure your feet in there — you wouldn’t want your shoes flying off halfway down fifth avenue!
  3. Simple (but appealing) sandals. It’s summer and sometimes you just want to show off your fab pedicure, or just not wear shoes at all, and sandals are pretty much as close as you can get to the whole no-shoe experience. Getting a simple pair like the ones above ensure that your shoes can still go with whatever outfit you’re wearing that day, and they aren’t super distracting in the work place. My workplace is pretty chill, but of course — like any workplace — there are limits to what you’re allowed to wear, and as an intern you definitely don’t want to push your luck with that! So if your internship has a policy against open-toed footwear, you might want to leave your sandals as benchwarmers. In any case, sandals are especially great for those days when you don’t want to wear heels. Just make sure that they fit securely on your feet.
  4. Plain black flats. Flats are great for literally any occasion because they sort of just work with whatever you’re wearing, and they mold to that outfit. You’ve probably seen people trying to work their outfit around their footwear, but you don’t really have to do that with a simple pair of flats, which is really good because that means you won’t have to buy up a new pair of flats for every single outfit (but if you love shopping like I do then you probably wouldn’t mind the extra trips to the mall anyway). These are definitely a staple because there are lots of really comfortable ballet flats out there that you can grab, and you can often find these for a really decent price. Plus, they’re always welcome in any work environment.
  5. Printed flats. See, you can still have fun with your footwear! I have a really cute pair of leopard print flats that just add a little extra something to some of my more monochromatic outfits. I like to have some fun with what I wear and I think that printed flats are a great way to do that without pushing the boundaries of professional dress. Obviously, you don’t have to just stick to leopard print — get yourself floral print, or even a nice checkered pattern! Just like regular ballet flats, these are always welcome in the workplace.
  6. Riding boots. You’re probably thinking, ‘why the hell would I wear riding boots in the summer?’ but hear me out. So it can still rain in the summer, and sometimes your big, glompy rain boots can take away from your gorgeous outfit. Plus, if you’re flat-footed like me then maybe you haven’t had the best success with some rain boots. The ones I’ve tried always hurt the bottom of my feet intensely, and you absolutely don’t want that much discomfort (especially not when you’re commuting over an hour and still have to walk long city blocks). So I’ve found that riding boots provide me with amazing comfort while still protecting my socks and feet from the wet weather. Plus, they still add aesthetic to your outfit. I think Riding boots are still good enough to be considered professional as long as they aren’t embellished with a shit ton of unnecessary buckles and whatnot.

Remember to always wear shoes that fit you well; never wear something that’s too tight because you can actually pinch the nerves in your feet and cause some inflammation and serious damage.

What are you rocking at your summer internship? 

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6 Dresses You Need This Spring

Spring is here (believe it or not, Northeasterners!) I’ll let you in on a secret: I hate wearing dresses and skirts. It’s because, well, I just get weird when I wear them — I’m liking it for the first hour and afterward it’s like the glitz and glamour has worn off and I would just rather be in sweats. But at the same time, I can appreciate a really pretty dress, and once in a while I see one that I just feel like I have to have! If you haven’t had spring dress fever yet, these dresses are sure to make you call in sick!

  1. There’s something about cold-shoulder dresses that are innocent yet sexy at the same time! They allow you to expose a little bit more skin without being over the top in any way. This dress gives off a sweet, angelic vibe, especially with the  cute crochet detail on the sleeves. This is a super sweet dress that would go great with a flower crown and brown boots for a sunny spring day. I actually have this dress (just bought it this weekend at Charlotte Russe for $21!) and plan on styling it that way, so if anyone would like me to do an “outfit of the day” blog post with this dress, definitely let me know in the comments!
  2. This beautifully bewitching dress is not only affordable ($32.99 at Charlotte Russe) but also really simple and very breathable! Like the previous dress, it’s not meant to hold any part of your body tightly, which means you’ll be able to move freely while wearing this. It’s a long sleeve dress, so if you aren’t too keen on showing your arms, here’s something for you! I personally love wearing black and can totally see myself in this paired with boots, one of those really cute black hats like this one, and pretty, layered jewelry. Let your dark side out this spring and rock this dress to class, on a date, at a cute cafe, or while hanging out with friends!
  3. Denim is super cute as a dress! Now, I wouldn’t wear denim jeans because I’m a leggings girl, but I would totally rock this dress to class on a nice spring day! It’s simple and attractive and it even has pockets! If there’s anything I’ve learned as a leggings lover it’s that anything with pockets that isn’t a pair of jeans is truly a blessing. This dress is great if you want to get on those casual vibes at a casual price — only $34.99 at Charlotte Russe. The belt adds definition by cinching the waistline perfectly. The hue of this dress is also great for spring — so calm and cool!
  4. Calling all goddesses — yes, I’m talking to you! This dress is so beautiful because it’s very simple, the color and neckline are innocent, and the rhinestone detail at the waist adds just enough flair without taking over the entire dress. Plus, the length is quite elegant — it’ll flow perfectly in the light spring breeze! This being said, the dress’s length makes it a great option if you aren’t too keen on showing some leg. You can even add a denim vest or light sweater over it if the breeze is a little chillier than you’d like. This dress can be found at Forever21 for $39.90, so you can look even more fabulous than you already do for only 40 bucks!
  5. It wouldn’t be spring if you didn’t have even one dress with a floral print on it! I found this cutie at Forever21 for $24.90. The floral pattern paired with the off-the-shoulder style makes this dress super bubbly and super flirty! It’s a bright pattern made for a really bright day of springtime fun, and the rope belt adds definition to the waist of an otherwise loose dress. For even more flower fun, you can wear a flower crown in your hair. Or don’t, you’ll look good either way!
  6. Okay, just one more dress with floral print, I promise. This dress has larger printed flowers and is a good alternative to the previous dress if you want to show off your love for flowers while still keeping your shoulders covered. It’s still really casual, plus skater dresses are always fun to wear!

If these gorgeous dresses don’t get you planning your next shopping spree, I don’t know what will! Which dress was your favorite? What other dresses do you have your eyes on? Let me know in the comments!




6 Wardrobe Pieces I Simply Cannot Live Without

So the other day, I was doing something completely commonplace that literally everyone does on a daily basis and therefore doesn’t make me special: I was picking out an outfit in the morning. I realized that there were just some pieces that I naturally gravitated to, despite a drawer full of shirts and pants that could cloathe half the penguins of Antarctica. Yet I still had a personal obsession  preference toward some pieces of clothes. Everyone has that one piece of clothing that absolutely must coexist amongst their other belongings. And, by the way, it’s totally cool to admit that you sometimes wear it like 10 times before you finally decide to toss it into the washing machine (it happens to the best of us). I don’t know about the rest of you, but here’s what I consider absolutely necessary in my closet:

  1. Leggings Sorry, I couldn’t resist saving a different space for this one – it deserved to be at the top of my list! Yes, I most definitely do wear leggings literally everyday, and, yes, I do get told that leggings aren’t pants. I normally respond to these comments by saying, ‘I don’t give a flying shit about your urgent need to criticize my wardrobe choice’ ‘to each his own’ and smiling sweetly. Anyway, those haters don’t bother me because at the end of the day, I can still workout at the gym without being told I need to change my pants. Enough with my mini-rant. My pitch black leggings are as dark as my soul and they’re too comfortable to not curl up on the couch in! I can wear them with any type of shoe or basically any top and still look fabulous! I always have at least three pairs of leggings in my drawer because, sadly, sometimes they rip in places you really don’t want them to rip in and at that point it’s time to say good-bye. They’re so fitted yet so breathable at the same time! The people of earth couldn’t have asked for a better way to be lazy and not put on jeans.
  2. Flannel/Plaid shirts Flannel is one of the easiest ways to look and feel comfortable throughout the day. I have at least six plaid tops in my closet…just in my dorm! I especially love layering a graphic t-shirt under them and opening up the buttons. Maybe there’s something about the checkered pattern that gives you sort of a ruffled, somewhat rusty, I-ain’t-got-time-to-eff-around kind of look. In fact, my ideal outfit for everyday wear is pretty much a graphic tank top under an open, red flannel top, leggings and combat boots. Here, the plaid top gives you a put together but effortless look – my favorite kind of look! I also can’t wait to get my hands on a few flannel dresses for the spring. Truthfully, I don’t know why I don’t just replace basically everything in my closet with flannel and be done. Seriously, why don’t I?
  3. Adidas joggers In my high school, everyone owned a pair of Adidas joggers. Okay, not everyone, but it was extremely common to see a pair walking down the hall. A single day did not go by when I didn’t find at least five people wearing some variation of the classic black jogger with three vertical white stripes going down each leg and the familiar Adidas logo on the left side. These pants are extremely comfortable and they have pockets! When you’re an avid lover of leggings like me, you learn to appreciate pants that deliver extreme comfort while also providing a way for you to carry items without holding things in your hands. I love wearing these pants on regular days and workout days because, like the leggings, they are breathable and casual. I have actually tucked these into my Uggs and combat boots and it still looked fine. I love pairing them with a simple sweatshirt for a super quick but comfortable outfit for those days when I have an 8a.m. class and I just can’t. 
  4. Sunglasses Yes, accessories are also part of your wardrobe! I wear sunglasses pretty much everyday – winter, spring, summer, or fall. My friends actually make fun of me for always busting out my sunglasses, even when there aren’t any intense rays of sunlight. If I see so much as a crack of light from behind a cloud, I can pinky promise you that you will see my big frames on my face (and we all know that pinky promises are a huge deal). I (kind of, sort of) have unintentionally accumulated a collection of sunglasses since coming to college: I have sunglasses with a purple frame that I got from my college orientation; then I had my mom’s $50 shades with huge frames (that I accidentally broke. Oops); then I got two more free purple sunglasses (yay); then, I stole my brother’s green sunglasses that were he stole from me that I received from him because he didn’t want them anymore; when I got tired of my brother’s sunglasses, I bought a really cute pair of $7 aviator shades from H&M; finally, when I thought I lost those guys earlier in the fall semester, I was extremely upset and proceeded to buy a $15 pair from Target (that I got for $8). Would it surprise you if I said that I also want a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses?
  5. Sports Bras I hate regular bras with a passion. Like, I have a drawer full of pretty bras of all designs that I never wear. Instead, I have created an arsenal of sports bras to wear in their place because I love that I can just slip them over my head and not have to hook anything or whatever. Of course, I wear sports bras when I go to the gym, in case you were wondering, but for me they double as everyday wear too. Is that a bad thing? Oh well. I mean, I don’t know about you but I haven’t met anyone else who have said that they wear sports bras everyday. Well, I am small-boobed so I could pretty much get away with it. One of my favorite ones is the really cute red bra from PINK that says “Happy Holla Days” and the band is black with a stripe of gold glitter. Clearly, this is very low-impact, but it still suits my needs.
  6. Sassy graphic tees These shirts can literally capture my personality in just a few sentences (this is pretty unprecedented). Many of them are meant to be funny, so they’re perfect for casual wear. I really like pairing them with leggings and sneakers, or, if I’m feeling really fancy I’ll tuck them into a high-waisted skater skirt and finish off the look with sneakers or combat boots. Like leggings, graphic shirts have unlimited potential.

I hope my list of wardrobe essentials taught you a little bit about my style and personality (even if all you learned is that people who bash my leggings irritate me and are basically dead to me).

What wardrobe pieces can you never live without? 

3 Winter Must-Haves To Make The Cold A Little More Tolerable

Is winter over yet? Unfortunately, my friend, it’s barely begun! If you live somewhere that’s cold during the winter months and you aren’t really a big fan of the cold wind stinging your face and numbing your fingers, trust me, I know exactly how you feel! I’m winter’s number one hater. You can actually read all about why I hate winter here. I absolutely dread walking through a hurricane of brisk winds that whip my neck, make my eyes tear up and force a steady stream of snot out of my nose (c’mon, you know exactly what I’m talking about!) The mere thought of it gives me chills – and not the i’m-crazy-excited-for-some-crazy-shit-to-go-down kind of chills! So you pretty much know what that means: you’re going to have to dress to be as warm as possible! After recently having to brave the unforgiving elements daily, I’ve come up with three pieces of apparel that I simply would not have been able to endure a daily trek during the wolfish winter without. After all, looking super cute and staying super warm are #goals.

1. Touch Screen Gloves, Target $12.79

I got a fantastic pair of touch screen gloves that prevent my fingers from turning into icicles and still allow me to handle my phone when needed. Trying to text while waiting for your bus? Pretending to check your email to look busy because some weirdo keeps trying to talk to you? Regular gloves won’t cut it and neither will going gloveless! What I really like about these gloves is that the touch-sensitive pads on the tips of the thumb and index finger are more touch-sensitive than those on many other gloves. So sometimes you might find yourself tapping the screen multiple times because your gloves are hindering you from hitting the buttons you intended to. It completely defeats the purpose of having gloves that allow you to properly use your phone if your gloves don’t let you properly use your phone.

2. Fleece-lined Leggings, Charlotte Russe $14.99

I’m a proud lover of leggings and, yes, I do consider them pants (bite me, haters). They just pretty much go with everything and allow you way more flexibility than a pair of jeans. Yeah, leggings are kind of thin and you’d probably still feel cold air seeping into your thighs if you wear them out. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to rain on your parade. Some wonderfully amazing person decided it would be a tastefully toasty idea to line the insides of leggings with fleece. God bless. I highly recommend you get your hands on this if you aren’t planning on tossing your leggings to the side for the colder months. They are actually very warm and you still retain full flexibility. Ah, fleece is such a magical thing.

3. Turtleneck Sweaters, H&M $34.99

I’m not 110% sure why, but this season I developed a deep love for turtleneck sweaters. Just in time though – they really came in handy! Ever feel like even though your jacket is zipped as far up on your neck as it can go, but somehow you still feel the tingle of a draft sliding down your shirt? Turtlenecks are really great at protecting your neck and keeping you warm. And if you buy the really thick ones you are literally set! They are also very fashionable! Dress them up with an intricate statement necklace; wear them with (fleece-lined) leggings and tall riding boots; sport them alongside baggy sweats for an all-over comfy look. Face it, your closet needs these turtleneck sweaters.

Hopefully you feel a little more confident to take on the weather in style. There’s definitely more to winter apparel than just hats and scarves.

What are your winter must-haves?