My Experience At The Red Carpet Premiere Of Good Fortune: The John Paul DeJoria Story

red carpet premiere of good fortune

My Thursday nights are usually full of the clicking of keys on my laptop and the sound of me dying of laughter from watching one of my favorite TV shows, “Impractical Jokers.” But this past Thursday night was full of laughs, inspiration, painful heels, and a little bit of Patrón tequila *wink wink* I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Red Carpet World Premiere of “Good Fortune,” a documentary on the true rags to riches story of John Paul DeJoria. John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of the salon-famous Paul Mitchell Systems (you’ll probably recognize their iconic black and white shampoo and conditioner bottles on the shelves of hair salons). He also went on to become the founder and CEO of Patrón tequila a.k.a. the $200 bottles on the top shelf. I don’t know about you, but I love a good “started from the bottom” story because it truly depicts the very lesson our parents, teachers, and bosses have drilled into our minds over and over again: hard work pays off. But John Paul not only worked hard. He also tackled challenges and went the extra mile with his heart on his sleeve. He, both literally and figuratively, proved that when you’re at the bottom, the only way you can go is up.

red carpet premiere of good fortune

I was lucky enough to be my best friend’s Carrie Bradshaw for the night, as I was able to bring her as a plus one (yay!) When we walked into the AMC Lowe’s on Lincoln Square (where the screening was taking place) we were immediately immersed in a bustling crowd of photographers taking photos of attendees at the red carpet. It was so spectacular and so surreal (and very, very hot!) We didn’t get the chance to take photos on the red carpet ourselves (hopefully next time!) but we still got some great photos at the screening. Escalators led upstairs to a much cooler area, and we received complimentary popcorn, water, and candy (yum!)

red carpet premiere of good fortune

You can probably already tell that I loved the movie so much (Psst! You can get it on DVD starting in August!) and I also thought the Q&A portion was super insightful. I had no idea that John Paul was on “Shark Tank” (my parents’ favorite show) and people asked him some fantastic questions. Afterward, everyone cleared out ASAP because the next portion of the evening was about to begin…The reception and after party!!!

red carpet premiere of good fortune

The reception and after party were held at Lincoln Square Steak, about five minutes or less from the theatre, except my GPS wanted to take me the long way, so a five-minute walk ended up being a 10-minute walk…in very painful 4.5-inch heels. Luckily, I brought flip flops to change into, so my feet were saved. When we got there, I felt like such a V.I.P. because my name was on the list and we were invited in. I got to enjoy a delicious cupcake in honor of the movie, talk to some really great people who told me that they admire my work right here on this ol’ blog, and I even got to take photos with J.P. himself! Not to mention the fact that my best friend and I accidentally stole the seat of an entrepreneur from “Shark Tank.” Oops.

red carpet premiere of good fortune

The night was topped off with a wonderful, and might I add, aesthetic, little goodie bag with Marula Oil shampoo and conditioner from the John Paul Mitchell Systems!!! The whole evening was so surreal and so worth the painful shoes and sleep-deprived brain at work the next morning. Of course, I love telling you all about the lessons I learned from my experiences, and I love giving you tips in case you find yourself in the same position, so here are some things I learned/tips for attending red carpet premieres.


The person standing next to you in line for tequila could be the editor of one of your favorite magazines, or an entrepreneur on one of your favorite TV shows! Always, always, always be polite and smile no matter how hot and sweaty you are, no matter how many people just bumped into you within the time frame of two minutes, and no matter how many times you skillfully dodged splashes of alcohol on your dress. A positive attitude goes a really long way!


I was surprised to see that it was already almost 10p.m. by the time the screening and Q&A were over. I actually told my parents I’d be home by 10:30 or 11p.m. and that so clearly wasn’t happening. But staying out longer was so worth it because the after party was so great! Of course, let your parents know if you’ll be out later than you said you would. There’s always an experience waiting for you; it’s your job to welcome it. Plus, if I hadn’t attended the party, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to great people, meet John Paul DeJoria, or try the tequila everyone is in love with.


If your invitation says to arrive by 8p.m., plan to arrive by 7:30p.m. at the absolute latest. In fact, in the future, I would arrive at least 40 minutes early to an event like this because there are so many people that it gets crowded quickly. Plus, it’s easier to enjoy the entire experience when you aren’t rushing to get there. If you have to wait five minutes for doors to open or for the red carpet to be set up for photos, waiting won’t kill you.


This was my savior that night and I am forever grateful to the person who invented flip flops. At first, I just wanted to be extra sophisticated and bring just a wristlet, but then I knew I wouldn’t walk in heels the whole night, so I decided to use a bag that was just big enough to snugly fit my flip-flops, and it was really worth it. This is especially important if you’re wearing brand new shoes you haven’t broken in yet.


My friend and I waited on line to meet J.P. for nearly 40 minutes because, well, everyone wanted to meet him! And it’s obvious why: he’s genuinely a caring, positive individual and he literally radiates inspiration. Of course, there were also friends and businessmen and businesswomen who were apparently his lifelong friends so I guess they had meet & greet priority. But when we were finally able to talk to him, I was so stunned all I could do was say my name and smile really big. Nevertheless, it was awesome and I will probably brag about it for the next year or so. #sorrynotsorry


This was such an amazing experience, and certainly one that I never expected to have! Maybe as the editor in chief of a magazine, but certainly not as a 21-year-old college girl, and I am so grateful to have been able to attend! I really hope that I can go out to more awesome events like these in the near future, and I hope that even more people will become familiar with John Paul DeJoria’s story because his story of hard work is also our story.

Thanks for reading!