The 5 Best Winter Fragrances To Give As A Gift (Or Get For Yourself)

The 5 Best Winter Fragrances For Gifting

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing brightens my day quite like spritzing on my favorite warm vanilla sugar perfume from Bath & Body Works before I head out the door. Okay, well maybe a venti iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks brightens my day up just a teeny bit more, but nevertheless I always feel like walking around with an interesting scent makes me just a bit unique. You know—I think we all have that one scent that we can wear and feel like the baddest bish on campus or in the office. And it certainly makes people enjoy being around you a little bit more when you smell good. So I decided to do a little roundup of some of the prettiest smelling perfumes that I’ve actually tried. These are definitely great for giving as gifts, so if you still need some Holiday Gift Ideas, these are great for adding to your list. And, they smell so beautiful and welcoming that they’re even perfect for the entire winter season.

1. Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar—$14

I can say without a doubt that this one has been my no-fail scent so far this season. It’s extremely beautiful and kind of makes me feel elegant when I wear it. My friend actually gifted this scent to me for the holidays and it’s perfect! I think you can’t go wrong with anything vanilla scented, especially since it reminds a lot of people of the vanilla in cookies, cupcakes and other goodies. In a word, this scent is so yummy!

2. Pinrose Gilded Fox—$65

Most of the scents on this list are very warm and spicy smelling scents, and Gilded Fox is definitely one of those! It’s perfect for feeling a little sexy with just a few quick sprays. I think the addition of cocoa in this one makes it the perfect cozy, sit-by-the-fire-place-with-a-cup-of-hot-chocolate scent for the winter. To be honest, you can probably feel the heat just by holding the bottle! If you know someone who’s a little adventurous, this is a great scent to gift them.

3. PINK Warm & Cozy—$10

I love, love, love PINK and pretty much all of their scents, and Warm & Cozy is actually high-key one of my favorites. It’s not as strong as the first two, and has a slightly more floral scent to it, but it still works if you’re going for that carefree, ultra comfy kind of scent.

4. Bath & Body Works Sparkling Limoncello—$14

Okay, this one will make you feel as fancy as the name sounds. It always makes me think of some fancy glass of champagne at a holiday dinner party, and the smell is just so beautiful and fresh. This would actually be the perfect thing to wear if you’re planning to go out to any gatherings or anything like that.

5. Moonlight by Ariana Grande—$59

This is one of those scents that I really like using as a little roller for my wrists, so when I hug people they’re awestruck by how beautiful I smell. The scent itself is kind of strong, but perfect for parties and going out, just like the previous one. It’s definitely always safe to get someone a fragrance in roller form if you aren’t sure they’ll love something strong, so opt for that unless you really know the person well. Plus, they make excellent stocking stuffers!!

What scents are you stocking up on for the winter?