How To Prepare For A Girls’ Night Out—the February GLOSSYBOX Review

After a long week of appointments, events and being neck-deep in homework assignments, there’s nothing like gathering your girls, throwing on a cute outfit, and hitting the road to your favorite restaurant or hang-out spot. People often overlook the therapeutic properties of a couple of laughs over steamy plates of chicken parmesan, or hilariously terrible dancing and singing at your favorite bar.

Personally, I feel like getting ready is only half the fun. I love taking my time to apply sparkly eyeshadow, dance a little to my favorite songs and, of course, take a long, hot shower to get ready for a hangout. Wash away the day’s troubles—you know what I mean? But I know the task can feel daunting sometimes because there’s just so much you need to get done: curl your hair without burning it off; achieving a poreless foundation finish that’ll last the night; make sure your eyeshadow is blended to perfection—you know what I mean. So I’ve decided to share some tips for actually making girls’ night preparations more fun. And, I’m super excited to have been able to receive the February GLOSSYBOX to share with you all! So not only will I let you in on how I make getting ready for girls night easier and more fun, but I’ll also share my thoughts on this month’s products. So in case you’re about to head out, let’s get to those tips!

1. Prepare your bag or purse before you start getting dressed.

I find I’m usually scrambling for my cash, my keys, and everything else in the world just seconds before I’m supposed to head out. And it can be really easy to forget something this way. It’s better to get your bag ready before you do anything else. At least if you don’t have enough time to put on your lipstick, you can swipe it on in the car or in the bathroom when you get to where you’re going. But you can’t bring your entire dorm with you and sort through it later, if that makes sense(?). Some things you should consider bringing: room keys, I.D., cash, a portable charger.

2. Have a hot shower earlier in the day. 

I like to get my shower out of the way sooner so I don’t have to add it to my to-do list before heading out. Plus, that means I can take as long as I feel like taking without worrying about anyone else waiting to shower, or about making myself late. And, I now have a new favorite body wash: the John Masters Organics Body Wash in Geranium & Grapefruit. The smell is so sweet and subtle, and extremely relaxing. Plus, my GLOSSYBOX also came with a body milk to pair with it after you dry off, and, you guys, it feels SO INSANELY SILKY on my skin!! I also really love those scents that are super alluring without being overpowering, and this is definitely one of those scents that people smell when you get close to them (ooh la la).

February GLOSSYBOX Review

3. Invite your friends over for some pre-outing pampering. 

Girls’ night doesn’t necessarily have to start when you walk outside—have some fun before you hit the restaurants (or clubs, or whatever you want to hit). Get ready while you hang out with your friends. Set yourself up for a smooth complexion by doing your favorite face masks. This month’s GLOSSYBOX included the JJ Young Mud Sheet Mask. This one is the green tea mask, but there are other ones like rose hip and charcoal. The masks help unclog your pores by driving impurities out. I gave this one a go before applying my foundation, and I could already feel how much smoother my skin had become.

February GLOSSYBOX Review

4. Decide how you’re getting to your destination ahead of time. 

This sounds like a small detail, but your mode of transportation can actually affect your whole experience—including what you choose to wear. Look at it this way: If it’s really cold outside and you want to go to a bar that’s within walking distance, if you do in fact choose to walk, you should definitely bundle up, even if you don’t want to carry around a scarf and hat and poofy jacket—the walk over will be miserable otherwise. But, if you choose to split a taxi or have another friend drive you and pick you up, you may feel less inclined to bring your winter wear. Try to work this out in advanced so you can dress appropriately.

5. Search Pinterest for makeup inspiration.

Pinterest is literally my answer to everything. Well, that and Starbucks. But anyway, if you aren’t sure how to do your makeup for your night out, instead of wasting time freaking out about it or trying out shades only to rub them off right after you put them on, just do a quick search on Pinterest for a potential look. I don’t always wear eyeshadow, but when I do, I like to make sure that my look is properly blended and crease-free. So I was really happy to see the Luxie Beauty Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brush in the February box. The bristles are so soft and feathery (feels like heaven on my eyelids!) and they blend my eyeshadow out really, really well. So if you’re worried that your desired Pinterest look may be too hard to achieve, you can feel a little better knowing you’re using a really good brush to help you out.

February GLOSSYBOX Review

6. Do a lip scrub for extra smooth lips. 

Okay, I’m insanely excited to talk about this tip! If you’ve ever seen me around campus, the city, or even in photos, it’s clear as day that I’m always wearing lipstick. While it’s easy to just make your lips look nice with a pop of color, you also need to make your lips feel nice by treating them right! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go out with lipstick over dry, cracked lips—it’s not a great look for photos! So I’ll admit that I kind of freaked out a little when I saw the Royal Apothic Scrubbie Exfoliating Lip Treatment in my box. I gave this a go and it smells so yummy because of the fig extract (okay, I also may have tasted it a little and that was good too!) and it’s really easy to use—just massage a little onto your lips and wipe it away with a tissue. It’s easy to use to smooth your lips just before applying your favorite lip product. And, since we’re still on the topic of lippies, the GLOSSYBOX also came with a tube of Doucce Gloss Wear Lip Gloss. I’m a lip color fiend, so I practically teared up when I saw how gorgeous the color was (mine was #769 Tart Raspberry) and I immediately felt 10x more glamorous after swiping it on. It’s definitely a perfect lip color to apply after using the lip scrub. (P.S., please ignore my horribly chipped and un-shaped nails in my photo below. Thank ya! 🙂 ).

February GLOSSYBOX Review

February GLOSSYBOX Review

Thoughts on the February GLOSSYBOX…

Insanely cute!! I loved that this month’s theme was “Sealed with a kiss” since it’s the Valentine’s Day month, and what better way to show off the idea of a classic love letter than to send one along with wonderful products? Not only that, but I also love that all of the products in the box are super practical and actually useable in everyday life. Even if you don’t plan on using these items for girls’ night out, you can still use the sheet mask when you feel like you need a pick-me-up, or apply the body milk if your skin feels particularly dry one day. And, confession: the design of the box is so dang beautiful that I’m honestly keeping it to store things on my desk so I’ll have something pretty to look at!

If you’ve never heard of GLOSSYBOX, it’s a subscription box service that sends you five new beauty products every month for $21 to try out. It’s a great way to discover new products that you may have never even heard about. Check them out here if you’re interested in signing up!

What’s your favorite Girls’ Night Activity? 

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