Blogger Secret Santa Reveal: My Secret Santa This Year Is…

Hi friends! Merry Christmas! This year, I did something a teeny bit different, and I participated in a Blogger Secret Santa gift exchange hosted by Abigail from Living the Gray Life and Cathleen from Classy Cathleen. I love Secret Santas because it’s super fun having to guess who drew your name. And, if you have a lot of friends to shop for, Secret Santa is the perfect way to exchange presents without spending too much money. This, however, was my first time participating in an exchange with other bloggers, so I was really excited.

Blogger Secret Santa

Pro Secret Santa tip: use Elfster to select the names! I actually had never heard of Elfster until this exchange, and honestly I’m so glad I know about it now. When everyone confirms their participation, Elfster randomly matches each participant with someone in the group, so you know who you’re buying for. And, you can create a wishlist that your group can see, and you can ask questions in the group and private message your gift receiver anonymously so they’ll never know it’s you. Did I have way too much fun using Elfster for the first time? Yes, yes I did.

Anyway, I’m really excited to reveal who my Secret Santa was. So if you’ve already died from all the suspense and me blabbing about Elfster, number one, I’m sorry, and number two, my Secret Santa is…

Stephanie from Hello Sesame

You may recognize Stephanie from Petite Pastels, but she actually recently rebranded and created the super cute blog Hello Sesame. Her posts are seriously fab, and I really got to know her better through Hello Sesame and her ah-mazing Instagram.

I was finally home for the winter since the semester from hell was finally over and my mom told me she had picked up a package for me that had arrived earlier that day. I had been getting lots of Amazon packages over the last week, but, without even looking, I just had a feeling that it was a package from my Secret Santa—and I was right!

Blogger Secret Santa

Stephanie sent me this beautiful Erica Lyons necklace, and I’m just in love! I’ve always been obsessed with statement jewelry pieces because I think they’re just perfect for adding some flair to an outfit, and they look really nice for job interviews. I’m really excited to wear it to the next event or gathering on my calendar!

Blogger Secret Santa

I got this really cute emoji keychain, and I think it’s perfect for any college student since we always need a place to keep our dorm room key so it doesn’t get lost. I’ll definitely be adding my dorm key and my car keys to this for the new semester.

Blogger Secret Santa

I’m probably the most lip balm-obsessed person I’ve ever met. You wouldn’t know it because I’m always wearing lipstick, but I always keep some lip balm on hand to moisturize and nourish my lips so I have the perfect base for any lipsticks. So, I’m definitely really excited to try this vanilla mint ~lip bloom~.

Blogger Secret Santa

And because I’m a writer, I’m obviously obsessed with little notebooks! This one is so cute and perfect for jotting down article ideas, favorite quotes, and other pieces of inspiration that I can use later on. I always get random ideas for blog posts and articles, and I don’t always have an idea notebook on hand to make note of them, so this is perfect for that.

Blogger Secret Santa

And you guys probably know that you couldn’t keep me away from chocolate even if you tried. I was pleasantly surprised to receive these sea salt caramel chocolates. They’re so cute, and super tasty!

Thank you so, so much Stephanie for all the gifts! I’m so glad I found out about your blog through this exchange, and I’ll definitely be following all of your adventures in New York City (p.s., we should hang out sometime and finally meet in person!). 

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog and follow her on social! 





Happy Holidays!