8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

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The summer months are probably what every college kid has been dreaming of since, well, the first day of the semester. While I love learning and taking classes that advance my skills, the summertime has always been an important time for me to completely unwind from the tension of the school year and rejuvenate. I know a lot of people mainly look forward to the summer to exercise and get toned arms and legs, but a lot of people forget that maintaining healthy is as important as maintaining a healthy body. It can be so easy to forget to treat your hair right when you’re so busy, and the hot summer weather makes it more annoying to manage your mane (especially if your hair is long and thick!) Personally, frizzy hair has been a struggle for me since I started combing it myself in middle school. You wouldn’t believe the number of YouTube tutorials I’ve watched, product research I’ve done, and half empty bottles I’ve tossed out in a disappointed manner. Over the years, I’ve found what works for me for keeping my hair healthy and free from frizz. Here are my tips for making sure you keep your hair as healthy as you can.

1. Keep the heat styling to a minimum. 

While I’m a frequent user of flat irons, I usually try to wear my natural curls during the summertime to give it a break from all the hot tools because heat styling can damage your hair by causing split ends and weakening the hair shaft. I’ve also gotten into the habit of letting my hair air dry after I wash it instead of blow drying it — would you believe that I haven’t used a blow dryer in almost three years?!

2. Massage your scalp regularly. 

You don’t need to pay money at beauty salons for a scalp massage — you can do it by yourself at home! Massaging your scalp increases blood flow to your hair follicles and strengthens your roots. In the long run, it can even prevent excessive hair loss. I don’t have much time at all during the school year to massage my scalp, so the summer months are the perfect time for me to get back in the habit. I used my fingers to work the Hask Bamboo Oil Strengthening SHINE® Oil into my scalp and roots. I also applied a little to the rest of my hair for some extra shine. Applying oil to the hair is a good way to reduce frizz and increase shine — a little goes a long way, especially since bamboo oil is thick and full of natural vitamins for strengthening the hair.

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

One thing I learned from my mom is to turn the massage into an oil treatment. After working the oil into your scalp, grab a plastic bag from grocery shopping and cover your head with it. If you have a shower cap you don’t mind getting oily, this also works perfectly. This traps any produced heat and opens up the pores, and doing these makeshift “steam cap” treatments can improve the elasticity of your hair. I just keep the bag on my head for about an hour before I wash it off. It still makes it easy for me to move about and sit at my laptop blogging. You can also keep it on overnight for better results.

3. Concentrate the shampoo into your scalp. 

Sulfates help free your hair from oil and grease but too much can strip your hair and dry it out. A few years ago, I got into the habit of really concentrating my shampoo lather on my roots, which were greasiest. I applied very little to the rest of my hair, and even sometimes just let the lather run down my hair. I know that doesn’t sound ideal, but it has helped ensure that my hair isn’t too dry. If you want to stay away from sulfates altogether, try the Hask Greek Yogurt Repairing Shampoo with Blueberry and Acai and the Hask Greek Yogurt Repairing Conditioner with Blueberry and Acai. I have one word for this duo: HEAVENLY.

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

A Greek yogurt formula is swirled with a fruit extract formula to add protein and moisture to the hair. Blueberries are not only great for eating; the antioxidants in them make them great for repairing damaged hair. My first thought after shampooing with this for the first time was I need to apply another handful! I didn’t want the shampooing to end because it smells so good and felt so rich. A lot of shampoos I’ve used in the past left my hair feeling stringy and sometimes even a little crunchy, but this worked so well and left my hair feeling soft. The conditioner was also like a dream — super thick and creamy, and my hair smelled wonderful after using it. If you’ve ever had a smoothie bowl with blueberries, that’s literally what this smells like!

4. Avoid color treating your hair. 

I am an avid lover of hair dye and self-expression through hair color. I’ve dyed my hair pink, blue, silver/gray, blonde (accidentally), red, and copper, and I was always fully aware that color treatment is damaging. Let’s just clear this up once and for all, people. If you lighten or dye your hair with bleach, ammonia, peroxide, ammonia-free boxed dyes, and other chemicals, your hair WILL take on some sort of damage. You could experience some hair fallout, split ends, or overall extremely dry hair. You CAN work to minimize the damage and repair the hair through proper care. For the last eight months, I’ve been working on simply giving my hair a break from dye and color. I notice a lot fewer split ends and my hair has become far less dry. If you have an event coming up that you really want to dye your hair for, take steps to do it safely and work to start taking care of it immediately after.

5. Deep condition your hair regularly. 

Deep conditioning is one of the ways you can care for your hair after dyeing it. Deep conditioners are more moisture rich than regular conditioners, and you’re meant to leave them in longer before washing them out. The Hask Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey is a great one to use, especially because it leaves your hair packed with gorgeous natural shine. I applied it to my hair after using their conditioner and left it on for 10 minutes. I think their Greek Yogurt collection is perfect for anyone who really likes hair care products that emphasize the benefits of fruit. And if you want to get on this charcoal beauty trend that everyone makes videos about, try out the Hask Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Deep Conditioner to absorb any impurities from the hair. You don’t have to deep condition your hair daily or even every other day; once per week is just enough to give your hair a healthy shine while repairing any damage.

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

6. De-tangle your hair from the tips to the roots. 

It literally hurts to see people yanking at their hair with a comb. It hurts even more to see them pull out a clump of knotted hair bigger than my breakouts during that time of the month. Always comb through your hair starting from the tips and work your way up to your roots. You’ll de-tangle your locks much quicker and easier this way, especially if you work in sections. If you comb through your hair while it’s still wet, be extra careful because your hair is more fragile when it’s wet.

7. Avoid washing your hair every single day. 

Your hair produces its own natural oil to moisturize your strands. So while you want to wash your hair to get rid of excess oil and buildup, washing your hair daily will completely strip it from the oil and dry your hair out. This is especially important to note of curly hair, which craves moisture in order to stay frizz-free. For this reason, I only wash my hair once a week. It helps me maintain my hair’s natural moisture while still ensuring that it’s clean. Try it out! If you think you might need something to keep any greasy strands at bay, try the Hask Monoi Coconut Dry Shampoo. This is unique from other dry shampoos I’ve tried because it also uses light coconut oil to keep your hair looking vibrant and bouncy. Just quickly spritz some into your hair before styling. By the way, it also leaves your hair with a luscious coconut-y smell!

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

8. Don’t straighten your hair while it’s wet. 

I used to be super guilty of this without realizing how bad it is for my hair! Okay, my hair wasn’t soaked when I did it, but some strands were still slightly damp. Either way, you’re hurting your hair if you straighten it while it’s wet. The sizzling sound you hear when you do it is scary enough, but to make things worse, you’re increasing the likelihood of hair breakage by weakening your shaft. Always let your hair completely dry before using any hot tools.

8 Tips For Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

What are your secrets for maintaining healthy hair? 

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