A College Girl’s Ultimate College Packing List + Free Printable!

college girl's ultimate college packing list

It’s that time of the year again: high school graduates have walked their tassels across the stage, signed yearbooks, and basically peaced out of their high school lockers. And now it’s time to plan for college. I could tell you all about how awesome college is, and how the end of your high school chapter is actually the beginning of your college one, but you’ve probably heard that at least a hundred times from at least a hundred people, so let’s get to the good stuff.

If you’re going to dorm on campus this fall, you’ll definitely need to pack some really essential items with you, and no, your entire wardrobe actually isn’t an essential! You’re probably already getting those college packing lists from a bunch of stores and from college, but take it from a college student who thought those lists were basically biblical at one point: you actually don’t need everything on those lists! 

The summer before I started college, I practically memorized those packing lists, and tried to buy the things they suggested. Guess what: some of those items were totally unnecessary. So I created a packing checklist of my own and have been using it since then. I found that when I followed my packing list I didn’t have the issue of overpacking like I did my freshman year, and it helped me keep my room in college tidier than it was my freshman year. Plus, I was always able to find a place for everything I had, and I actually used everything I packed. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my list was pretty on point. In fact, it was so on point that I’ve decided to share my list with my wonderful fellow college goers — a.k.a., you! So here’s my ultimate packing checklist.

the ultimate college packing list

Click here to download a printable PDF. 

Aren’t you excited just thinking about gathering everything you need for college? Checklists are super organized ways of making sure you get everything that you need, and I had so much fun making this! I’d definitely love to do more free printables for you all (‘cuz who doesn’t love cute printables??) Be sure to check out my post on things that aren’t allowed in college and what you can bring instead!

What’s on your packing checklist? 

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