How To Balance Class Work, A Job & Your Social Life In College

How To Balance School, Work, and Social Life in College

Oh man, I seriously feel like I haven’t had the time for us to have one of our little heart-to-heart advice things that I do here because this semester is CRAZY. Holy hell, it’s INSANE for me right now, and I’m sure you’re really feelin’ the weight of yours, too. Which is why I was inspired to write this post.

This semester is unlike anything I’ve had before because I have more commitments now, more classes, and I’ve really stepped up in some roles. I’m taking seven classes (which I don’t recommend doing!), I got a small part-time job on campus cuz ya girl needs that cash flow, I’ve moved up to an e-board position for a club I’ve been part of for two years now, I’m taking a bartending class for a certification, and I’m assisting with the sports broadcast on my campus. Oh, and I’m also on the brink of creating my YouTube channel and blogging, even though I haven’t been sticking to my usual blogging schedule as of late (I promise I’m still here!!!). So a lot of people get surprised when they see me Snapchatting from the gym and they ask me how I even have time for all that.

Not gonna lie, it took me a few weeks to stop staying up till 3a.m. to do homework, and to finally feel less overwhelmed even though the amount of work I’ve been getting isn’t getting lighter anytime soon. I really believe that a huge chunk of success and feeling happy in college is due in part to effectively balancing all of your obligations, so I’m sharing what I’ve been doing to manage all the hats I wear. It can be so easy to feel like you aren’t paying enough attention to your school work, or like you’re missing out on all the fun stuff your friends are doing because you just have so much on your plate. If you’ve got a crazy semester and you aren’t quite sure how to balance everything, read on to find out!

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1. Make use of your weekends as much as you can.

It’s totally fine to have a lazy, unproductive day once in a while, and Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for that. But you’d be surprised by how much more chill your weekdays get when you finish all or most of your assignments during the weekend. The assignments in each of my class feel like mini projects because they require so much time, attention, and iced coffee, so I know that the weekends are my best bet for planning their completion and, well, completing them!

Plan everything out ahead of time in your planner so you know what needs to get done (if you don’t have one yet, check out my thoughts on the ClassTracker Planner!). The list might be daunting, but if you use the weekend to tackle them, you won’t have to lose sleep doing the assignments during the week.

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2. Grab dinner with friends and use that time to socialize.

I mean, you have to eat at some point so you might as well turn dinner into hangout time for you and your friends. I know your schedules won’t always match up but even if you’re able to eat dinner together twice a week or three times a week, you’ll still get in some much-needed squad time. It doesn’t even have to be a meal—sign up for a fitness class together; join a club together; study together.

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3. Be open to change.

I’m a meticulous planner, but I’ve definitely come to realize that—in the words of former Seventeen EIC Ann Shoket—life is messy and you need to embrace the mess. I know that planning things out can help you stay on top of your schedule, but don’t try to plan your day out down to the last minute because it will only stress you out if things don’t go the way you needed them to go. Have a general idea of what you’re doing during the day, but be flexible enough to go with the flow if things don’t work out.

4. Don’t save things for the last minute.

This goes with what I was saying before about getting all your shit done over the weekend. If you wait until the day before an assignment is due before you actually start it, you’re likely going to hole yourself up in your room until you finish, and you’re going to stress and won’t be able to take care of any other obligations you have.

5. Get in the habit of waking up early.

I know no one wants to ever have to do that but if you’ve ever had an 8a.m. class or work an early morning shift, you’re already familiar with the absolute *joy* of waking up at the ass crack of dawn. Actually, this is what I started doing in order to get my workouts in! On days I know I won’t have time to go to the gym at night, I wake up two hours before my first class and I work out. It’s honestly more refreshing and I actually don’t feel tired during the day! I shower afterward, so I’m really awake and I reward myself by dressing extra cute and doing my makeup a little extra nice.

If you think you need more hours in the day, just try waking up earlier to better accommodate your schedule. You might find that it’s the perfect time for you to study, or hit the gym, or pick up on that passion project you’ve had to step away from. You don’t have to be up at 5a.m. to do things; start small.

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6. Set reminders for yourself.

I like scheduling my obligations into my phone as I make plans so I don’t forget anything. Gotta FaceTime your best friend at 5p.m.? Have a study group at 4:30 that you can’t miss? Schedule them in case you forget! I like setting my reminders for 20 minutes beforehand so that in the event that I do forget, at least I have some time to recover from the initial surprise and re-plan if needed.

7. Do work in between classes, if you can.

When my classes were really spaced out, this was my ultimate secret to almost never pulling all-nighters, but now that I have almost no time in between, I can’t really do that. But if you can manage to complete a few assignments while you wait for your next class, you’ll have more time at night to go out, attend club meetings, work, and even just have some chill time.

8. If you can’t take on more, DON’T.

This is the time when everyone and their mother wants you to join their club, or apply for their thing, or pick up an extra hour at work. Biting off more than you can chew will make it more difficult for you to keep up with everything else going on for you. I so badly wanted to also be a writing tutor this semester, and I even applied for the position but didn’t get picked and honestly it worked out for the better because I don’t even know when I’d have the time to tutor! Remember that you also don’t need to fill in every single gap in your schedule. Try to leave a free hour or two that you can use to relax if you really need it!

9. Be honest about your schedule.

So yeah, this goes hand in hand with my last point…to avoid piling on your plate, you have to be honest about what you can and can’t do. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know how to say no to people and it always comes back to bite me in the ass when I’m suddenly overwhelmed because I have so much going on—ugh! Just because you’re free when someone asks if you’re free doesn’t mean you have to use that time to do what they want you to do. Maybe you’d like that time to unwind and treat yourself. Or maybe you want to reserve that time to hang out with a friend or special someone. Simply say that your schedule is really packed and you can fit anything else in—even if they swear on their mother’s father’s aunt’s cousin’s uncle’s grave that it won’t take up much time at all.

10. Only take on the meaningful obligations.

Something I’ve definitely come to realize is that it’s better to have one or two big obligations that make a significant impact for you than to have a bunch of small things here and there that you can hardly talk about. Sure, the small things might be fun and nice, but if you’re spending so much time and energy on those obligations and you can’t really use them to help yourself down the line, it might be time to walk away. Focus one one or two things that you can really put your attention into. You’ll get more out of the experience because you won’t be running your energy levels dry on five different things! If you feel like you need to drop culinary club and the math society to have an internship geared toward your desired career, it’s probably better to just do the internship.

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I want to hear how your semester is going so far! What’s your favorite part of the week and what’s your least favorite? 

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10 Habits That Will Make You Happier In College

A question that college students often ask is: how do you stay happy in college when there’s so many things going on? The short answer is, well, it’s hard. When you’ve got projects and papers due every other week and assignments flying at you at full speed, it can be pretty easy to always feel like you’re drowning. Not to mention the fact that you’ve got to balance all this with your other passions. I’m sitting on a train to the city as I’m typing this, and let me tell you, I can go on and on about the fact that there needs to be way more hours in the day. But simply put, it’s super easy to feel totally drained in college and you’re not the only one. 

The long (and honestly much more encouraging) answer to this age-old question is actually what I’m going to be outlining in this post. Over the years, I’ve found that adopting certain habits have actually helped me keep my head above water and feel overall much more satisfied with my college experiences. And since this is, without a doubt, going to be my toughest semester yet and the toughest for many other people, I decided to share those habits with you. Read on to find out what they are! 

1. Learning how to have experiences on your own.

Everything is better with company. Correction: Some things are better with company. Sometimes it’s much more relaxing and fulfilling to swallow your pride and go to that festival by yourself, or attend that event on campus alone—yes, even if you think you’re going to look awkward as hell by yourself. The truth is that your friends won’t always be there to help you have fun, so you need to learn how to make your own fun! Trust me, it’ll pay off and you might actually enjoy taking yourself on these little excursions by yourself.

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2. Making more time for friends.

I know, I literally just said you have to learn how to be by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should totally exile your friends from the kingdom that is your hectic college schedule. I used to put my schedule ahead of hanging out with friends because in my mind, it was more alleviating to just get shit done. But then this would lead to me feeling very unsatisfied even after I’ve finished everything. So I always feel so much better studying and working in the company of close friends. It’s nice to know that there’s someone with you even when you have the worst assignments ever. Plus, you’re still getting your work done! If you’re really busy, you can also make time for friends by suggesting you eat dinner together on certain days, or planning trips to the gym together.

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3. Taking chances more often.

Sticking to the same routine is familiar and comfortable, but sometimes it also gets boring. Make a habit of shaking things up once in a while, because how many surprises do we really get in life? Whether it’s applying to study abroad when you’ve never left the country before, or trying out a new fitness class you’ve never heard of, the thrill of a new experience can really boost your mood and help you stay wonderfully curious. 😉 Again, it doesn’t have to be a major gamble on your life or anything; just go for the small things, even if it’s just changing up your Starbucks order every Monday or something.

4. Starting a relaxation routine.

OH. EM. GEE. Seriously, if you can’t remember the last time you had a moment of chill time, it’s probably time for you to have some chill time stat!!! I know, easier said than done. But it’s important to at least have a go-to relaxation routine that you can jump into when you’re feeling super stressed. I’m still trying to nail my ultimate routine, but part of it definitely includes cooling under eye masks and lots and lots of Beyoncé. You don’t need a three-hour routine, either. Even just having an hour to yourself to get your head together can make such a difference. Get in the habit of doing this regularly.

5. Stop seeing your peers as competition.

Ugh, seriously, constantly plotting ways to stay two steps ahead of Tom, Dick, and Harry so you can be the best in the class is SO. EFFING. EXHAUSTING and so not worth your energy! I seriously hate seeing classmates prefer to tear each other down and try to be slick with each other instead of helping one another out! Yes, someday you very well may be competing for the same job or internship, but right now you’re colleagues. So instead of using your energy to remain a lone wolf and avoid helping your classmates, form a study group or group chat for internship links or something. Quid pro quo, my friend, quid pro quo. If you really need help, or if you’re looking for connections, your classmates might just be the ones to help you there.

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6. Stop thinking you always have to be the best.

I know many of us are used to the fame and prestige that comes with being known as the smartest kid in high school, or he best karate student in the dojo, but you don’t always have to be numero uno. Everyone falters and fails, and you’re no less smart or less talented when you do. It takes a lot of energy to be envious of someone for understanding something you don’t, or for picking up a skill faster than you can. Do yourself a favor and let it go. In fact, use it as an opportunity to be-friend that person and ask for tips or advice. You’ll have more energy to be happy when you’re not constantly trying to outdo your “rival.”

7. Learning to be happy for other peoples’ successes.

You’d want your friends and peers to be happy for you when you have a major victory, so learn how to not be insanely jealous if someone you know gets an internship you wanted, or when your friend gets their dream job and you have nothing. Dwelling on what other people have will make you miserable, and your time is much better spent thinking about what you can do to further your own goals while taking the time to celebrate accomplishments with friends.

8. Dressing up for class once in a while. 

No, there is nothing wrong with dressing up for class a few times a week; there doesn’t need to be a special occasion for you to whip out your prettiest crop top and cutest ankle booties. Dressing up can seriously boost your mood, even when you have class until 10pm without a break and a slew of meetings afterward.

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9. Developing a good relationship with at least one professor.

When I was in middle school, I used to have that one teacher who I could randomly visit during lunch or during trips to the bathroom just to talk about my progress in school and how I’m doing. In high school, I had the same thing. And now, college is no different. It’s really nice to have someone who could offer you a new perspective, someone on the inside who’s been through all this already who isn’t your mom or dad. Don’t get me wrong, I still tell my parents everything, but having a professor you trust can really put you on the path to success. They will go the extra mile to make you more comfortable in the program and address any goals and give you advice for the future. Get to know your professors during syllabus week and see which ones you click with the best.

10. Complaining less.

Honestly, I’m still working on this, but I think I’ve gotten better at it over the years! I usually complain as a means of venting to people, but it’s also really important to recognize when complaining is actually stressing you out more, or causing you to make a bigger deal out of something than necessary. Plus, complaining can affect your friends if it gets to the point where they feel like they rarely hear a good experience come out of your mouth. Try journaling if you feel like you need to get your thoughts out. Or complain to your parents because I think they want nothing more than to squash your fears and stress. I’ve also been trying to look for the positive in everything, even when things don’t work for me, so that usually helps me feel better about any situations!

Hope you guys liked this post and you’ll give these tips a try!

What are your tips for having a happier college experience? 

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6 Fashion Accessories To Pack For Your Next Trip Abroad

6 Fashion Accessories You Actually Need To Pack For Travel

This is a sponsored post in partnership with StudentUniverse and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


This year is the year that my travel senses were tingling, and not even just tingling—they were. FLARING. UP. I traveled to Ireland on a study abroad trip in January (which was super expensive, but I’ll get into that later). It was my first travel experience, so naturally, I tried to prepare myself as much as possible by reading a ton of blog posts about clothes and things to pack for travel. But it wasn’t until after the trip was over that I actually realized the importance of some of the things I did bring, and some of the things I failed to bring. Which brings me to this post…

I feel like fashion accessories are things that people often overlook because 1) they think it’ll just add unnecessary weight to their luggage and 2) they tell themselves they can just buy whatever they didn’t bring pack when they go to malls or boutiques abroad. So that’s why I’m here to clear the air and tell you what accessories and items you’ll actually need no matter where you travel.

But back to this whole ‘traveling is expensive’ thing…Not gonna lie, my study abroad bill for the winter semester left me mentally scarred, and since then, while I don’t regret my experience AT ALL, I’ve decided that it’s just so much cheaper to travel on your own since you won’t be paying for tuition, books, credits, or anything like that. And there are actually services and companies out there that, you know, actually want college students like us to go out and see the world because we’ll learn so much more when we’re not in a classroom setting. If you want to get discounted rates on flights, tours, and group travel for your next adventure, I highly suggest taking a look at StudentUniverse. There are so many exclusive deals and so much insight into traveling that you’ll seriously be inspired to book a ticket ASAP! Don’t forget to download their mobile app for easy access, and take a peek at their site to see if you find any accommodations that pique your interest.

6 Fashion Accessories You Actually Need To Pack For Travel

So after you’ve booked a ticket and accommodations that actually fit within your budget (or your parents’ budget), you can get packing! Here are some accessories you shouldn’t leave home without.

1. A cute passport holder.

I know this isn’t exactly a fashion accessory, but it’s still a really important accessory for traveling! really wish I had invested in a super cute passport holder because it’s a good way to keep your important documents—passport, ID, boarding pass—in one place where they won’t get lost or crumpled or torn. Plus, every time my group moved to another city in Ireland, our professor collected our passports for safety reasons, so it would’ve been good to have something to easily identify my passport book. Get a really cute one that you can use over and over again. Bonus if you can get your passport holder to match your luggage tag!

2. A pretty pair of sunglasses + a case.

Sunglasses are my favorite style accessory ever!! I have way too many to count, so naturally it was difficult to choose which one I’d take with me (spoiler alert: I ended up choosing two to bring along for the ride because I was so indecisive). You definitely don’t want to spend money on sunglasses while abroad (unless they’re, like, designer in the area or something) because they can be really expensive. Make sure you have a nice pair as well as a case to protect it.

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3. Cute all-weather boots.

Seriously, no matter where in the world you go, you cannot forget to invest in and pack a good pair of weatherproof boots that fit you well—not too big and not too small! In Ireland, we climbed cliffs, trekked through muddy, rocky, slippery areas, and scaled narrow castle stairs, so it was important for me to get a pair of boots that would keep my feet warm, protected, and dry. These can get pricey depending on the brand you purchase from but they’re well worth the money. Get one that fits snugly on your feet so you’re not waddling around if you have to climb rocky cliffs or anything like that.

6 Fashion Accessories You Actually Need To Pack For Travel

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4. A backpack or knapsack.

You’ll want to be able to carry around important items when you go on excursions, and I think that any cute, trendy little backpacks or drawstring bags are perfect for that. I got a little crossbody bag, but it didn’t really do much good since it was so small. I could only fit my wallet, phone, and any really small items. Which meant that most days, I didn’t bring a bottle of water with me if I didn’t want to bother my friend to hold it in his backpack for me—huge no-no! Always make sure you have a way of holding all your necessities in one place.

5. Your favorite no-fail stockings.

I didn’t pack any nice pairs of stockings because I didn’t think I’d wear any dresses or skirts since it might be cold in Ireland in January. But I realized that they were important to have when we had dressier events and gatherings. You don’t need to bring every pair of stockings Target has to offer, but make sure you bring one good pair that is versatile enough that you can pair it with any outfit.

6. A beanie or baseball cap.

Y’all, let me tell you: getting sick while traveling the world and making new experiences and memories is NOT fun. A lot of people in my study abroad group ended up getting so sick that they had to miss a day or two of really cool excursions and day trips. I was lucky enough to only catch a runny nose and slight headache for a few days, but even then it was torturous! Protect yourself from the weather by bringing appropriate hats, scarves, gloves, etc. It depends on where you’re going and the time of year, but if you know you’ll be in a cold environment, bring a hat that you can wear to cover your ears. If the climate is a little warmer, opt for a cap just in case.

6 Fashion Accessories You Actually Need To Pack For Travel

(P.S., that’s me by the Cliffs of Moher with my eyes closed looking really stupid but nonetheless warm and cozy with my hat).

I really hope this post gave you some ideas as to what accessories will actually help you have a better travel experience! And I really hope you’ll take a look at StudentUniverse—I know I’m definitely going to take advantage of their opportunities while I can (and ya girl knows there are some major travel plans in the stars!). If you want to learn even more about StudentUniverse, come check them out at College Fashion Week, an event hosted by Her Campus to showcase the best fall trends word by real college gals like us (super excited!!!!). While I was unable to attend last year’s CFW, my friend did go and said she had a blast, so I’m certainly looking forward to the experience. Plus, it’s Her Campus, and if there’s anything I’ve learned after attending HerConference for two straight years, it’s that they know how to organize the BEST events EVER. The New York show is being held on Saturday, September 30, so if you’re available, come through! 😉

Are there any travel plans in the stars for you? Are you attending College Fashion Week?? Let me know!!

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How To Dress Professionally In College When You’re On A Budget

How To Dress Professionally On A College Budget

This post is sponsored by UniDays and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Macarons & Mascara possible!


While I do love scrolling through Pinterest to look for super cute interview-ready, business-y outfits, I’ll be the first to admit that dressing professionally and stylishly can be quite difficult and expensive at our age. I’m pretty sure I can buy at least a dozen pairs of leggings with the money I’d use to buy one pair of dress pants (and that’s if I don’t go to the super expensive stores!). Plus, we’re young, so we sometimes think that it’s acceptable to just wear nice leggings (the ones we don’t workout in) and a blazer to a meeting or interview, or we stress ourselves out and overdress and end up feeling awkward and out of place.

And it’s really important to have professional items on hand as a college student (especially if you dorm) because you never know when the opportunity for an interview or professional meeting will arise. So basically, I’m here to reassure you that looking professional and cute as a college student can actually be less expensive and less stressful than you might think. I’m sharing my college-budget-approved tips for saving money and pairing items that work, so read on for the deets!

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1. Be on the hunt for sales and discounts.

This is seriously the easiest way to save money on items you really want to purchase, and the good news is that discounts are available for so many of your favorite brands. UNiDAYS is a savings service network particularly for college students because, you guys, I’m pretty sure none of us know an undergrad who will gladly pay full price for anything. They offer discounts from brands like Apple, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Express (where I was able to purchase the outfit you’re going to see at a discounted price!). Need a new laptop case but don’t want to shell out $50 for one? UNiDAYS has your back. Studying abroad and need a few items to bring along? Yeah, save the real spending for when you’re buying souvenirs abroad.

Yes, you do have to sign up for UNiDAYS, but it’s insanely easy so you can literally have discounts and deals at your fingertips (perfect for when you really don’t want to run up your credit card bill this month!). Not only that, but they also have a really cute, really insightful blog called The Edit that gives career, beauty, and fashion advice. I loved this post on Summer Internship Outfits because it actually breaks everything down by industry (so helpful!).

I personally prefer UNiDAYS over company newsletter sign-ups because sorry, but I don’t want to receive 20 emails in the same day all about the same sale that isn’t really a sale because the original price gets jacked up by a lot before any discounts are applied. Since you’ll have an account, you just need to sign in and browse the brands you’re interested in purchasing items from. Just click on the site to get the discount code and apply it at check out. Voila! P.S., they also have member-only giveaways on a variety of things ($500 for back to school shopping sounds ah-mazing!).

2. Purchase patterned blouses.

Collared shirts with cute patterns and designs like subtle polka dots or stripes are the perfect professional closet essential because you can still look like a fun, young intern or interviewee while also looking put together. I found a discount for Express (one of my favorite stores) on the UNiDAYS site, so I purchased this flowy, floral print top. I don’t have too many floral tops for professional occasions, so when I saw this one I knew it would be the perfect way to add a little flair and personality to an outfit (which is totally okay for interviews!). You guys, it’s SO PRETTY and I can’t stop loving it! The V-neck is subtle and I love that the material is breathable and doesn’t cling onto you (Lord knows I’m trying to avoid sweating through my clothes during interviews!).

How To Dress Professionally On A College Budget

Don’t waste money going after any uber complicated outfit sets or anything like that. Find three or four collared tops with patterns you like and keep them in your closet for that job interview. Pair them with solid colored pants (more on that later) and you’ll be good to go!

3. Invest in one good, versatile blazer.

You seriously only need ONE blazer in your closet right now. Just. One. Not six, and definitely not 20. You shouldn’t be spending money for a new blazer every time you have a new occasion to wear one for. So opt for darker colors like black or navy blue that are more likely to go with whatever you have in your closet so you don’t feel like you have to keep purchasing new pieces to make your outfit work. I know it can be tempting to buy blazers in a variety of pretty colors so you can mix and match pieces for your outfit like a Pinterest pro, but it’s always better to stick to more versatile options first. Especially if you’re like me and will probably change your mind about your outfit at the last possible second.

4. Purchase solid-colored pants.

Again, the more versatile the better! It’s easier to pair more elements with a simple pair of navy blue chinos than it is to pair with blue and white striped slacks. I purchased these beautiful pink pants alongside the floral top from Express because I knew they’d work perfectly together and I’m not disappointed! The pants looked so appealing because I wanted something that would be a little on the loose side. And I love the self-tie at the waist because it ads a cute, girly element to the piece while still keeping things simple. These pants would look so good with lots of other blouses that I have, too, so it won’t be difficult for me to figure out what to wear.

How To Dress Professionally On A College Budget

That’s my full outfit above (I’m so in love!!!). If you’re thinking of being a little ~adventurous~ and purchasing, say, green, red, or other colored pants, just run through the tops you have to make sure you have enough items to pair with the bottom you’re thinking of getting, or you might have to spend more money to have at least one complete outfit.

How To Dress Professionally On A College Budget

5. Take advantage of “buy one, get one” deals.

Buy one blouse, get one blouse half-priced? Sounds pretty good to me! You might as well snatch up these kinds of in-store deals while they’re available because you never know when that second pair of slacks will come in handy. This is also your chance to purchase the same thing in different colors or patterns.

6. Have one pair of trustworthy black heels or flats.

You don’t need an array of shoes to select from, so don’t go buying new pairs every time you plan a new outfit. Black goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong getting a comfortable pair of shoes in that shade. Make sure your shoes are practical; don’t get anything that hurts your feet five seconds after you put it on. As you saw, I wore my classic pair of black pumps with my outfit and they worked really well. They kept me looking put together and didn’t take away from the outfit.

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7. Go through your mom’s closet!

I know, some people may not jump at the idea to wear the same thing as their mom, but give her closet a chance! I’m sure you’ll find at least one pretty, professional piece in there you can borrow from time to time. My mom is really good at picking out stylish and professional tops and bottoms, so whenever I feel like my outfit is lacking something or doesn’t look as nice as I thought it would, I pay her closet a visit and I usually find something I like a little better.

8. Try before you buy!

You guys, don’t be like me and purchase items without trying them on because you’re too lazy to wait on a line. I always think that it’s especially important to try on professional clothes because in my experience, I’ve found that a lot of brands have their blazers, blouses, and slacks run small. So when I buy them without trying them on in the store, they’re actually too tight and I don’t have time to exchange it if I bought it at the last minute.

How do you save money while still looking on point? 

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10 Things To Know About Being Single In College

You can probably crown me the queen of being single. It’s simply something I’m really used to. In fact, the idea of me being in a relationship seems so strange to me. Yeah, I think I’m a great person (modest, I know), but I’ve been single for such a long time that it feels like hell would practically freeze over if there were suddenly a guy in the picture. But anyone who’s been single for a while can certainly attest to joking about that at least once!

In college, there are always couples kissing, holding hands, and just being generally cute, and maybe at some point you wished you had something like that, too—someone to surprise you with your favorite iced coffee (exactly how you like it) at work; someone to walk you to class; someone to laugh with you even when you know you’re not funny. But now you’re probably just fine with living the single life and getting a puppy or two. While relationships can teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you, you can also learn a lot from being single. So if you’ve been single for a while and aren’t sure where you stand, or you’re about to enter college as a single lady or guy, this one’s for you.

Side note: I literally NEVER write about romance and relationships on here, so yay me for trying new things! *applause*

1. You’ll notice how many times people mention their boyfriends or girlfriends in regular conversation.

People talk about their S/O’s A LOT. Good for them for being happy and finding someone, but you’ll definitely notice how little you can contribute to those conversations unless it’s your close friend talking about their partner. There have been so many times when I met new people on campus and they’ll start telling me about some adorable habit their boyfriend has, or something nice their boyfriend did for them once, and I can really only find myself saying, “awww, that’s so cute” because, well, I can’t relate.

2. You’ll probably try using a dating app at some point.

Tinder, Bumble, and whatever else is out there will probably be glued to your hands for a couple of weeks. You’ll go through the excitement of trying something new, the thrill of swiping right on people, the anxiety when you finally get a match, and the annoyance at people who only have group photos with friends up and don’t specify WHICH ONE they are. Then you’ll say screw it and just delete the damn thing because you’re over it. I know people pass a lot of judgement against those who use Tinder, but you never know who you’ll meet — I have friends who have developed strong relationships with the people they met on Tinder!

3. You assume everyone is dating someone.

The earth’s dynamic equilibrium is where everyone on campus has a boyfriend or girlfriend except for you. That’s more or less what you’ll think at least once and pretty much be fine with it. While most of the people you meet seem to be in a relationship, it’s important to remember that NOT EVERYONE in college has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some people aren’t ready for a relationship and some people simply just don’t want to date, and some people just haven’t found the right person yet. Don’t let your FOMO get the best of you.

4. You’ll sometimes go to events alone.

Your S/O is a special kind of bestie. Maybe your friends hate football and wouldn’t be caught dead at a game, but you can get away with dragging your partner to a game. When you’re not in a relationship, it can be kind of easy to quickly exhaust all your buddy options for events. A lot of your close friends may have gone home for the weekend, or have an exam they need to study for. You learn to attend things by yourself and make your own fun. It’s awkward at first because everyone seems to know everyone there, but you get used to just doing you. It’s good practice because there will be times in life when you just have to suck it up and do things by yourself.

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5. You’ll become a little more adventurous.

Yes, traveling is a part of it but I was talking about the fact that you’ll want to try new things no matter where you are. Not gonna lie, you’ll run into times when you’re in your room all alone, bored out of your mind, and just wanna have some fun. This can prompt you to let your adventurous side take over, and before you know it, you’ll have tried out every restaurant in the area, gone to all the best museums in the city, and had photoshoots in every beach and/or park within walking distance.

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10 Things To Know About Being Single In College


6. It’s all about you.

You probably hear this one a lot, but when you’re single you don’t have to worry about amending your schedule for someone else’s or being sad about leaving your partner behind to travel, and all those other pieces of insight that can basically be boiled down into one common theme: The only two people you have to worry about are you and yourself. Personally, with the semester I just had, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had been dating someone and I had to keep re-scheduling with him or cutting things short to deal with assignments from my classes. At times, it was difficult to make it to study sessions with my friends because of all the tasks I had to take care of. I’m glad all I really had to worry about was keeping myself healthy so I could do what I had to do.

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7. You can focus on your school work better.

Like I said before, I don’t know how I would’ve balanced a relationship with my course load because this was the most intense, most demanding, most I-wanted-to-cry-every-step-of-the-way semester I’ve ever had. Having a partner to talk to and text can be nice, but it can also sometimes be distracting when you have a lot to do. You’re in college to learn and, yes, have some fun along the way, but it’s much easier to get work done when your phone isn’t blowing up with 80 text messages about meeting his or her family next weekend.

8. You’ll get to spend more time getting to know your friends.

You’ve probably heard the classic story of the girl who gets a boyfriend and forgets her friends even exist. While we were all cautioned against this when we were in like middle school, it still sometimes happens. What’s more is that sometimes your friends may just want to hang out with you — without your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being single gives you the chance to get closer to your friends over wings at BDUBS every Tuesday night, or bond with your books every other night. Friendships are one relationship you definitely can’t forget to form in college.

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9. You’d still like to date someone.

I didn’t say the feeling of wanting a relationship would go away. Granted, you won’t be crying yourself to sleep at night thinking about how lonely you are, but dating will eventually become a passing thought you have once in a while. And if you think you learned more about yourself, matured as a person, and are ready to start looking for potential baes, then you’ll be on the lookout (and you’ll probably have your friends on the lookout for you, too).

10. You might actually really like being single.

On the other hand, you could realize that commitment just isn’t for you and you’re ready to take on the world with just you, a coffee mug, and your favorite pair of combat boots.

I know this isn’t my usual type of post, but I really wanted to talk about the single life in college! I hope I made sense and I hope that I gave any of my single college guys and gals out there something to remember. By the way, one of my favorite college bloggers, Caitlyn of College with Caitlyn, has a post with more insight on What It’s Like To Be Single In College. Check it out! 🙂

What’s the best adventure you’ve gone on by yourself?

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