My First Colourpop Order: Swatches & Review

ColourPop Swatches & Review

OMG. I’m insanely excited because after many weeks of adding things to my cart and never clicking ‘checkout’, I finally ordered products from ColourPop! I’ve heard such great things about this brand and I just drool over the lipstick shades every time I visit the website.

I think I’ve become a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because of their super matte quality, and because I feel like the doe foot applicator gives me more control than a lipstick does when I’m trying to get a clean, precise application. So, of course, I ordered their ultra matte liquid lipsticks! But I have also been dying for some fall-esque eyeshadows and since their eyeshadows are only $5 each, I decided to peruse their selection as well. As you can imagine, I was brought to tears by how beautiful every single shade looked! I ended up opting for a set of four perfect fall eyeshadows.

Colourpop Swatches & Review

First off, I had to just admire the packaging of everything — so pretty! It took me a while to finally decide to, you know, remove the packaging so I can actually use the lipsticks. But eventually, I toughed it up and marveled at the lippies inside the boxes.

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks…

I purchased three shades: More Better, Are & Be, and Bad Habit. My goal was really to purchase shades that I don’t already own because personally, I dislike having 50 different tubes of literally the same exact shade; I love completely using up the product before moving onto another shade that’s very similar. I looked up some swatch videos on YouTube to figure out which colors would look best with my skin tone and eventually settled on these three (after days of YouTube swatches!).

Colourpop Swatches & Review

More Better is the most PERFECT cranberry lipstick I’ve ever seen! It’s absolutely perfect for fall, which is what really drew me to it. I definitely think this is a shade that would look great on pretty much any skin tone, too. I think this shade is perfect for a night out — date, party, hang out with friends, formal event — because it’s such a sophisticated looking color.

So, I’ve probably made a *bad habit* out of taking pictures of these lipsticks any chance I get, but can you blame me? Terrible pun aside, Bad Habit is a much more pink color. When I was looking at the tubes, I got a little nervous at first because I thought that Bad Habit looked too similar to More Better and, like I said, accidentally buying two very similar things really irks me. It’s different from More Better because it’s more of a mauve-pink, which I think is great if I want to tone down my look just a bit for the day.

Are & Be slays on SO many levels! It’s a mauve-plum color and it really just speaks to my inner vampire. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade on days when I want a distinct lip color but also want to match dark, rainy days (my favorite!).

I purchased these lipsticks for $6 each and I definitely think they’re fantastic for the price. The ultra matte truly is an ultra matte — it’s very shiny when you initially apply it but then it turns matte like magic. Seriously, forget Hogwarts, this lipstick is sorcery. But of course, the real matte lipstick test comes when you’re eating…These lipsticks passed with flying colors! I have put these lipsticks through macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, bagels, sandwiches, and multiple drinks from Starbucks and my lips still look great. Yep, it’s pretty darn matte.

I love that despite this, the product does not leave my lips feeling parched. This is super important for me because the one thing I hate more than buying similar products is buying a liquid lipstick that dries out my lips majorly. My one caveat is just that plain water and a rag will NOT remove these lipsticks. I end up using makeup wipes to remove it, which works well. If you have found another way to remove the color from your lips, definitely share your method in the comments!

Will I buy more liquid lipsticks from ColourPop? You bet your Hogwarts acceptance letter.


I bought an eyeshadow set of four because, let’s face it, it would’ve taken me forever to pick just four singles on my own. The set I got is called Zingara on the website (how mystical sounding!) and my first thought when I saw this set was: AUTUMN. The season was a huge factor in the decisions I made when purchasing, clearly.

Colourpop Swatches & Review

I apologize for the weird lighting in my picture! The sun was setting when I took this and I thought it looked fine on my camera but I didn’t notice the difference until I was looking at it on my computer screen. Photography woes aside, Elixir is a sort of a toned down terracotta, which is super pretty (hopefully you can see the prettiness from the picture!). Like I said, this is perfect for fall because it’s so earthy and warm! The shade had a bit of shimmer in it but not a lot.

Jinxie is the lightest shade in the set and holy mother of shimmer, it is SHIMMERY. You probably can’t tell from the photo but, take my word for it if you’d much rather a matte shade. I find this shade very pleasing because it works hand-in-hand with the other shades in the set and it makes for a great inner corner shade!

Seeker is gorgeous because it’s a reddish brown shade with a gorgeous matte finish. When I look at this shade I think of pumpkin spice. My first day wearing these eyeshadows, I used this shade in my crease and it really gave my look dimension, so I was really happy with that.

Paradox is probably my favorite in the set. It’s a burgundy shade and the finish is more of a satin than a shimmer. It gives your eyelids a fantastic pop of color that really draws attention to your eyes.

The Zingara set was only $18, so that’s a real steal considering if you had purchased these four separately, you’d pay $20. These shades are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way! I recommend starting out with a little on your brush and working in more color as you see fit. It lasted on my lids all day long and at the end of the day looked just as flawless as it did when I first applied it! Love, love, LOVE this eyeshadow set!

Have you tried ColourPop products yet? Which ones are your favorites? 

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The Ultimate Guide To Doing Laundry In College

how to do laundry in college

One of the biggest tests of adulting is being able to do your own laundry right. If you cannot pass this test, I’m sorry, you’re just simply not an adult yet.

I’m kidding (somewhat). I still wear pineapple printed socks and think that this one sweater with cats on it that I got for $10 at H&M is my “lucky” sweater, so who am I to judge adulthood? But in all seriousness, if you haven’t learned how to do your own laundry yet, college is the perfect time to start. I can almost guarantee that your first attempt at doing your own laundry wasn’t (or will not be) without a few bumps in the road. So to help you out, here are my tips for getting your laundry done:

1. If you pay for laundry at your school, make sure you have enough money on your account beforehand.

At my school, students pay to use a washer and dryer using what’s basically a campus debit card. I have had the issue where I’m getting ready to do laundry and then realize that I didn’t add more money to my campus debit card, and then I go bonkers looking for the nearest machine so I can add funds to my card. Learn from my mistake (so you don’t have to learn from your own!) and always pay attention to all funds on your campus accounts.

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2. Keep all your dirty clothes in one place.

Don’t toss your dirty t-shirts under your bed, or leave your pants lying around random places. When you’re ready to wash them you won’t be able to find them. Then you’ll be super annoyed with yourself when you want to wear them again but, oh wait, it’s dirty because you couldn’t find it to wash the first time. Use a clothes hamper or a laundry basket, or other laundry holding item to store dirty clothes.

3. Pencil in time in your schedule to do your laundry.

Unfortunately, laundry is not a college activity that can be half-assed. It takes time to separate your clothes (which I’ll talk about later), transfer them from washer to dryer (or hang them out to be air-dried), and fold them and put them away when they’re dry. You can definitely do other tasks while you wait for your clothes to wash and dry, but don’t venture too far because in the laundry room, you can pay the consequences for forgetfulness. Which brings me to my next tip…

4. Always set a timer.

If you don’t plan to camp out next to your washer or dryer so that you can remove your clothes the second they’re done, set a timer for yourself. People can be savage AF and will not hesitate to take your clothes and dump them somewhere when the machine stops. They won’t care that you just wanted to finish one more problem on the math homework before you tend to your clothes. To avoid conflicts, just use the timer on your phone so it alarms when it’s time for you to head back to the laundry room to remove your clothes.

5. Invest: detergent pods and dryer sheets.

Instead of lugging a heavy bottle of laundry detergent with you, buy a bag of detergent pods that dissolve in the water and have just the right amount of detergent to clean your clothes. Plus, they’re fun to toss into the washing machine! Just don’t do what I did once and toss in too many — some of the pods ended up not dissolving enough and some of my socks and shirts were left with sticky residue. Dryer sheets are great for making your clothes smell great as they tumble, so don’t forget those.

6. Don’t leave your laundry supplies in the laundry room.

People have no chill and will probably use your stuff. Unless you want to share your dryer sheets with the whole building, always keep an eye on your supplies.

The Ultimate Guide To Doing Laundry In College

7. Separate your clothes.

This sounds super annoying and like a lot of work, but if you don’t do this you might end up with pastel shirts that should be white. A couple of my items should be hand-washed, so I usually save those for when I go home so that they can be washed there. Additionally…

8. Don’t assume that everything can go in the dryer.

This is how I end up shrinking so many of my favorite sweaters! I love a nice, loosely fitted sweater (especially during the fall!) so it hurts when I accidentally shrink them a bit because I didn’t read the label to know that they must be air-dried. Did you know that you can ask Siri how to wash or dry a piece of clothing???? When in doubt, ask Siri!

9. Consider investing in a fold-up clothing rack.

If Siri tells you that you cannot toss your favorite dress into the dryer, hanging it out on a clothing rack is probably your best solution. This is a great investment if a large number of your clothes must be air-dried. And because it’s a fold-up rack, it can be stored very easily when not in use.

10. Don’t be rude.

Your laundry experience can be so much more pleasant if you bite back belligerence, even if the person you’re confronting totally deserves a slap across the face. Unfortunately, not everything can be solved with a smile, and sometimes you will need to be firm but if you can avoid yelling, be the bigger person and do so.

Bonus Tips: 

11. Empty your pockets. 

Mom isn’t here to save that $5 bill that you left in your back pocket from drowning in the washer. Make sure you remove anything — papers, money, coins, pencils, pens, food(?) — that you wouldn’t want to become a washed up mess!

12. Don’t use any laundry products that don’t agree with your skin. 

If your laundry detergent is giving you a rash, you probably shouldn’t use it anymore. Remember that you’re likely many miles away from home and your parents might not be able to rush to your side if you need them, so you need to take care of yourself. Avoid detergents with ingredients that your skin deems too harsh.

What are your tips for doing laundry in college? 

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How To Have A Productive Library Study Session

how to have a productive library study session

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m the absolute worst at studying. I end up spending about a third of the time on Twitter and watching those yummy looking recipe videos on Facebook. Aaaaand then I get hungry and spend another 30 minutes getting food. And sometimes when I actually start working, I zone out and have no idea what I just studied. So yeah, if I had to describe studying in one word, that word would probably be “struggle.”

If you’re nodding your head in agreement right now then, first, thank you because I totally appreciate knowing that I’m not alone here. Second, don’t worry, studying doesn’t have to be such a struggle! I’ve been practicing some great solutions to my terrible study session problem and I’ve been super productive and focused.

I divided this post into two small sections to better organize my tips because I just felt that in order to have a productive study session, you must have both essential materials and essential habits. But really, it’s mostly to make this post a little easier to digest!


1. Headphones/earbuds.

Sometimes it can be a little loud in the library, as with any other place you might study. Also, if you plan to watch videos from your class’s lecture you definitely don’t want to forget to bring earbuds! You wouldn’t want to distract anyone around you. To ensure that you never forget them when you need them, always leave your earbuds in your pencil case. This will also ensure that they don’t get too tangled up in the dark depths of your backpack.

2. Several writing utensils.

Don’t just bring one pen or one pencil. You might run out of ink; your pen can explode in your backpack; your backpack might grow a random, mysterious hole and your one and only writing utensil could fall through it on your way to the library. It happens. Personally, I don’t think you can ever have too many pretty pens in different colors, but then again I hoard them like crazy. But can you blame me? They make college life so much easier! Bottom line: bring at least a couple of writing utensils with you.

3. Your class materials.

Of course, you don’t want to forget to bring whatever study materials you’ll need: printed lecture slides; readings. If you’ll need a laptop, bring one. However, don’t bring textbooks if you can avoid lugging them with you. If you can access an online version of your textbook it’s way easier (on your back and shoulders) to pull it up on a tablet than to make your backpack 10 pounds heavier.

Have you checked out my ultimate guide to buying textbooks for college? I only spent $15 on my textbooks this semester!

4. Phone and laptop chargers.

If you plan to study for a while you definitely don’t want to forget chargers for your devices! A dead battery can cut a steady session short in the blink of an eye, so come prepared. Bonus points if you can grab a comfy spot in the library near an outlet.

5. Water. 

If there’s only one beverage you should bring with you, it’s water. Sugary drinks can make you thirstier, then you’ll interrupt yourself every 10 minutes to go to the water fountain. I know libraries always have those signs that say no food or drink but let’s be real, people bring drinks anyway. Just be responsible and clean up after yourself immediately. A refillable water bottle is a great investment so you can drink as much water as you need.

6. A light snack.

A banana, granola bar and graham crackers make great study session snacks. They’re small and light and can probably get you through another hour and a half of studying before you want an actual meal (depending on how quickly you get full). What other snacks do you enjoy having while you study?

7. Tissues.

You’ll thank yourself for bringing a pack of tissues with you during flu season! If you’ve got some sniffles, have tissues on hand for when you need to blow your nose in a hurry. It’s so hard to concentrate when you’re thinking about the stream of snot fighting its way out of your nose!

P.S. You should totally check out my post on how to avoid getting sick in college! I haven’t gotten sick yet and I hope to keep it up!

8. Comfortable clothes.

The last thing I want to think about while I’m studying is how I feel like I’m going to explode because my pants are too tight. Dress comfortably so you can better focus on your tasks.

9. Medicine if you’re sick. 

No need to make yourself suffer! Bring whatever cold medicine you use if you’re studying outside of your room. If you need to take another dosage you can do so without having to leave your study spot. All of your necessary medications should definitely be on your college packing list because trying to buy them on campus when you need them will cost SO much more money!

Btw, my college packing list includes a free printable if you’re interested!

10. A clear mind.

Leave the day’s frustrations at the library’s entrance when you go there to study. There’s not enough time to get caught up in other things when you’re trying to get work done. It’s definitely easier said than done to push some things to the back of your mind for a while, but please try to do it for yourself. You’ll feel so much more focused and productive if you can zero in on just the tasks at hand for the time being.

While studying…

11. Create an assignment to-do list.

This helps me organize everything in a much more efficient way. Writing everything down also lets me figure out which tasks require more attention and which ones I should save for last. I also love to list them in the order that I plan to do them in.

12. Hide your phone and don’t even think about looking at it.

Don’t pick up your phone every time you get a text or a new comment on your Instagram post. This is a one-way ticket for de-railing your focus. Of course, you need your phone in case of emergencies so I don’t recommend turning it completely off. Instead, I always place my phone face down so that even if I get a message or notification from Twitter, the lit up screen won’t distract me — hell, I wouldn’t even realize that I got a notification! You can also just pop your phone into your backpack.

13. Keep the chatter with your friends to a minimum. 

Studying with friends is a great way to make your study session a little less boring, but try keeping the conversations at a minimum. Constant talking will distract everyone and no one will get any work done. Just be polite if one of your friends is talking a little too much or a little too loudly.

14. Play music if it helps you concentrate better.

Some people just love listening to music while they study. Music can also help you drown out any background noise that you don’t like. I love listening to classical composed music while I study because there are no lyrics to confuse me with the words I’m reading or writing. Take a look at my study session playlist if you want some music inspo for your studying!

15. Close excess tabs on your laptop.

Especially if they’re social media tabs otherwise you’ll be tempted to peek at them, and one tiny peek might turn into an hour-long engrossment. Also sometimes too many open tabs can make your mind feel cluttered and bogged down!

16. Avoid multitasking.

I used to think that I was good at multitasking. In fact, I used to adore multitasking and praised it as my method for getting things done. But here’s why I no longer do it and why I think it can actually be bad: It’s difficult for you to divide your attention equally among two or more tasks. Even so, you might end up carrying out one task slightly better than the other. Or worst case, you might screw up both tasks. There’s only so much our brains can do! Keeping your focus on one thing at a time will help you retain that information better and complete that task more effectively.

17. Give yourself small breaks.

Don’t forget to reward yourself with short breaks here and there. Taking even 5-10 minutes to relax your mind before moving on can really give your study session a boost by not totally swamping yourself with information all in one go.

What are your tips for conquering your study sessions? 

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The Collegiate’s Ultimate Guide To Skincare

The Ultimate Guide To Skincare

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Macarons & Mascara possible! 

I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard to take care of yourself when you’re on your own in college. It’s our own responsibility to make sure we get adequate sleep, feed ourselves properly, and still work hard in school, just to name a few (seriously, the list of responsibilities can go on and on). With all that to balance, I sometimes forget to take care of my skin regularly — despite wearing a full face makeup every single day!!!

Every skincare sin you can imagine, I’ve probably committed! Yep, I’m not proud of it but I’ve really up’d my skincare game in the last few weeks, and it has made the quality of my skin so much better. If you’ve put skincare on the backburner of college life, here are some tips for getting back on track to healthier skin.

1. Wash your makeup brushes regularly.

It takes me literally three months before the idea to finally wash my makeup brush even crosses my mind. I tell myself how unhealthy it is for me to use unclean brushes on my face, but alas my laziness always wins me over. I know some people wash their makeup brushes every single day, but cleaning your brushes once per week is fantastic progress from NEVER cleaning them!

2. Invest in makeup remover wipes.

Makeup remover wipes are Godsent. I use them to remove the day’s sweat, liquid foundation, and more sweat. I do this before I wash my face so that I can remove most of my makeup and make washing my face easier. Be sure to check out my post on college beauty essentials for other must-have beauty items!

3. Wash your face twice daily.

This is literally the easiest, and one of the best, things you can do to take care of your skin. Of course, sometimes just splashing water on your face won’t help remove the dirt and grime from the day. I used the Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 device for two weeks and I’m in so much love! It really helps to remove every trace of makeup that my makeup remover wipes don’t get, and it feels so soft and gentle on my skin. This is especially important for me because my skin can be a little sensitive sometimes and harsh products can dry it out super quickly. But I’m extremely happy to say that I haven’t experienced any parched skin or anything negative after using the Clarisonic!

The Ultimate Guide To Skincare

Before I tell you about my actual results, let me tell you about everything the Mia 2 device comes with as well as its features. The device itself comes in a really cute plastic case that makes it easy to store your device (mine was blue, which totally matches my aesthetic!!). I also received a charger for the device, the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, and a Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask. I used the deep cleaning facial wash and it was so great. A little goes a long way so I always place a dime-sized amount on the wet brush head. I also like to dampen my face first by splashing a little water on it.

The Ultimate Guide To Skincare

The fab thing about this Clarisonic device that literally made my jaw drop is that when you press the ‘on’ button the brush starts cleansing your skin for exactly one minute and shuts off automatically. You should spend 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on your forehead area and 20 seconds around your chin area. But how might you keep track of exactly how long you’ve been cleaning those areas?????? Oh wait, the Mia 2 device tells you! It beeps softly after each time interval to let you know that it’s time to move on to the next area of your face so you don’t brush for too long. I’m in absolute love with this feature! Plus, using the Clarisonic is a way more fun way to clean your face daily.

So, here’s what happened to my skin after using this device…first off, my skin felt so much smoother and softer. Because of that, my makeup goes on smoother and looks better. I find it so hard to stop touching my face after I clean it with the Mia 2 device because it feels so supple and I don’t want to take my hand away! My skin also looks so much brighter because of all the deep cleaning the device does. I have also noticed that my skin looks and feels less oily than it usually is, which has been a definite plus while living in those super hot, stuffy college dorm rooms. If you want to invest in a Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 set of your own or give one as a gift, use the code HERCAMPUS on their site for 15% off your order! I’m seriously super excited for you!!! 

The Ultimate Guide To Skincare

4. Get a facial cleanser that suits your skin type.

If your skin is oily, get a cleanser that reduces oil without drying out your skin too much. If your skin needs a little more moisture, be sure to do some digging to find a facial wash that will give you what you need rather than dry your skin out. I actually really love the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser from Clarisonic because it isn’t harsh and drying, it works great with the device to remove impurities, and I like the light, refreshing scent.

5. Wash your face an hour before your planned bedtime.

I have found in the past that when I wait until I’m super sleepy to wash my face, I don’t even have the energy to walk halfway to the bathroom! Wash your face ahead of time so if you end up crashing amidst your laptop, lecture notes, and several textbooks, at least you can do so knowing that your face is clean and free of makeup. *thumbs up emoji*

6. Clean your glasses regularly.

I actually recently got glasses (that’s what happens when your life is literally on a computer) and I have started noticing that my foundation gets on my frame when I take my glasses off. Bacteria can build off of that if you don’t run a cloth along it, and that bacteria will get on your face every time you put your glasses back on. This also goes for your phone!

7. Always have on hand: medicated acne cream

With all the stress, hormones, and forgetting to take care of our skin because we’re drowning in other obligations, breakouts can make their way into your life and annoy the hell out of you. Treat them fast, and if you think you might need to see a dermatologist, schedule a visit.

8. Always have on hand: facial moisturizer

You don’t need overly dry skin to keep moisturizer near you at all times. Any skin type can get dry — even super oily skin has its moments. To combat dry skin quickly, always have your favorite brand of moisturizer on hand so that you can apply it to the affected areas and get some relief. Bonus points if your moisturizer has sunscreen in it!

9. Always have on hand: Cocoa Butter

I grew up with an abundance of Cocoa Butter at home because it’s the perfect remedy for dry skin, cracked skin, dark spots, and just when you want smoother, softer skin. There are different formulas for your face but you can use Cocoa Butter everywhere and it works so well! I highly recommend it as a nighttime moisturizer for your skin, and a little does go a long way. Shea Butter is also a great alternative.

What’s your college skincare routine? 

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How To Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep In College

how to get 8+ hours of sleep in college

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably now that I’m an avid believer in adequate sleep. Actually, no, that’s an understatement — there are no actual words that can describe my intense love for those blessed eight hours. I know lots of people hail coffee as the ultimate way to survive the daily grind that is college but, really, it isn’t. Your best friend is sleep! It’s very unhealthy to go to bed at 3a.m. to wake up at 7a.m. I know that getting at least eight hours of sleep every night is WAY easier said than done (cuz assignments, studying, extracurriculars and maybe a party or two here and there), so I’m going to share with you my tips for sleeping well.

Btw, I’m totally NOT a sleep expert. I’m just a college gal who may or may not have kind of, sort of mastered the art of a good night’s sleep. I hope…

1. Stop squandering your time during the day. 

I’m not saying that you should be studying every time you get a moment to catch your breath, but spend some of your free time during the day productively. This way, you’ll have less to do in the evening and at night. Hint: it really helps to start utilizing organizational methods so that you know what assignments should be completed, and can allow yourself enough time to do them. Check out my guide to getting organized for tips on how to do that!

2. Avoid drinking coffee at night. 

If you know that coffee will keep you wide awake for the next four hours, avoid it all together. I know, sometimes a caramel macchiatto from Starbucks is just so tempting, especially when you feel like you just need a tiny boost to keep you up for just another two hours. Try drinking iced water to wash away any sluggishness you might be feeling. It really wakes you up without keeping you up half the night. And if you’re really itching to head to SBUX, their Cool Lime Refresher is just so, well, refreshing and won’t have you up until all hours of the morning.

3. Stop forcing yourself to stay up late to do work. 

Heavy eyelids, decreased attention span, and long, drawn-out yawns that come every 30 seconds are my cue to close the books and get ready for bed. If I don’t finish assignment, I add it to tomorrow’s to-do list. Besides, trying to study when I’m clearly unfocused will not result in my retaining the material. As long as you’ve managed your time properly, you should be able to hold off on assignments when you’re too tired to do them and still finish them on time.

4. Gradually go to bed a little earlier. 

If you normally go to bed around 3a.m., you probably won’t be successful in going to bed at 10p.m. Try to go to bed an hour earlier every couple of days, or even one week at a time to ease you into a new schedule of sleeping earlier. For me, going to bed and falling asleep by 11:30p.m. is normal and comfortable. I’ve even been able to fall asleep as early as 10:30p.m., which is pretty rare for a lot of students!

5. Eliminate anything that could hinder you from falling asleep. 

If you could watch videos on Facebook for hours and hours, put your phone away when you go to bed. If your suite mate or roommate is playing music so loudly you can’t hear yourself count sheep, ask them politely to turn it down. You’ve made it this far, don’t let anything distract from your goal of getting some shut-eye!

6. Empty your bladder before bed. 

I have been in the situation where I’m too lazy to use the bathroom before I go to bed and then I end up waking up in the middle of the night because I just REALLY have to pee and would probably wet the bed if I just ignored it and went back to sleep. Sometimes, you may not fall back asleep right away when you wake up in the middle of the night, so make sure you do what you can to minimize the likelihood that you’ll wake up in a few short hours.

7. Establish a sleep routine. 

Have a set time when you wake up and go to bed every day and night. This might take some practice, but eventually your body will get used to it and you’ll be able to wake up around your desired time without having to really set an alarm. This is also a good way to practice not sleeping in. As hard as it may be to actually lug myself out of bed in the morning (especially during the winter when I don’t want to leave my warm bed!!!) I like getting up early before my classes start so that I can take my time and get ready for class (my eyeliner wings won’t sharpen themselves!) and do any work that I have to do.

8. Don’t go out every single night. 

Every night doesn’t have to be a party night. Take comfort in spending some time alone in your room. This is the perfect way for you to relax a little before you hit the hay by giving yourself a mini spa night, or squeezing in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. If you go out, you might not return until very, very late and you definitely don’t want to turn that into a habit.

9. Make your bed as comfortable as possible. 

You won’t get much sleep if there are cookie crumbs all over your sheets because you love snacking in bed. You might also find it hard to sleep with clothing strewn all over your bed. Keep your bed as a place for sleeping only. If you have back problems or just can’t sleep on a hard mattress, invest in a mattress pad/topper to make it much softer. If your head is too low with just one pillow, stack a second one on top of it. These small changes can make a huge difference!

I really hope these tips help you build a more adequate sleep schedule because college is rough and one of your best weapons against the ups and downs of college life is proper sleep!

What are your tips for getting proper sleep in college? 

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