10 College Beauty Essentials

college beauty essentials

I love talking about beauty, and I also love talking about college. And that’s how this post came about! In all seriousness, the stress of packing for college can make us do some crazy things…including forgetting to pack some really essential beauty items. Now, I love my lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara, but I’m not going to tell you what lipstick shades you need for the fall, or everything you need to pack in order to do full-face makeup because not everyone enjoys diving into makeup and I don’t want to assume that we all do. Plus, it’s not exactly ‘essential’ if we can do without it without giving it a second thought (my dear red lipstick, I’m deeply in love with you but I can, in fact survive college without you).

So for the sake of short and sweet intros, let’s talk beauty essentials…

1. A really good facial wash.

I can’t stress enough how important washing your face daily is, but it’s just as important that you remember to use a wash that has everything your skin needs. When you’re in college, you’ll find that you don’t have as much time to run to the pharmacy and grab skin products. In fact, when you’re on campus the nearest pharmacy might be a 15-20 minute drive away in the car that you don’t have on campus! Pack a face wash that suits your skin type and any skin concerns you may have, and use it day and night to keep your face clean.

Also, in case you’re interested, I also have a post on important ways we can pay more attention to our skin.

2. Sunscreen!

Listen to all those skincare articles and the fabulous beauty bloggers who tell you to keep sunscreen as your beauty bag staple. It’s still bright and sunny when you first start college in August — even in September — so make sure you protect your skin from damage caused by the sun. You never think that it’ll be your skin that gets damaged until it actually happens to you.

3. Nail clippers.

Everyone clips their nails — even lovers of long nails and the nail polish obsessed (like me!). But sometimes people forget to pack their nail clippers and it’s sometimes hell to find someone who’s willing to lend a pair. I’d also say that you shouldn’t forget to bring a nail file because your nail might break (annoying!) and you’d want to file it down asap. There’s nothing more annoying than having jagged nails!

4. Lip balm.

I. Live. For. Lip. Balm. If you aren’t a lipstick kinda girl, you should definitely at least carry around lip balm. The colder it gets, the drier your lips will get and you NEVER want to lick your lips because that actually dries them out even more! Lip balm is overall great for keeping the skin on your lips healthy and moisturized, and there are so many good ones to choose from. Bonus points if you get a lip balm with SPF, and if you take it up a notch and get a gentle lip exfoliator.

10 College Beauty Essentials

5. Makeup remover wipes.

Even if you don’t wear makeup you can still benefit from use makeup remover wipes. They’re great for taking with you to the gym so you could give your face a quick swipe after a rigorous workout. They’re also fantastic for just making your face feel refreshed after a long, hard day in class or a study session. My favorite two brands for makeup remover wipes are Neutrogena and ELF (believe me, I’ve tried so many wipes and many of them don’t cut the mustard!!!). 

6. Dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo can be a major time-saver, especially as a busy college student. I’m going to be honest here and say that sometimes I really want to wash my hair but my schedule has me put it off for a day or two. I know, you might be turning up your nose at that, but guilty as charged! When my hair is a little too greasy for my liking, I spritz some dry shampoo into it and it works really well to absorb some of the extra oil. Just remember that you shouldn’t use dry shampoo as the ultimate substitute for washing your hair because it’s not meant to work like that. You also don’t need to stock up on it; one can of dry shampoo is more than enough for the entire school year!

7. Hair ties.

As college students, we’re never short of tea and iced coffee (God bless), but for some reason our hair tie game needs work. Major work. We all know the struggle of not having a hair tie to pull back our hair on an extremely windy day, or to keep our hair from being plastered to the back of our neck when we sweat at the gym. Bring many hair ties and keep them all organized in one place so you don’t lose half of them! 

8. Q-tips and cotton pads.

These are perhaps one of the most forgotten beauty essentials, yet one of the most important. Aside from using them to clean your ears, you can use Q-tips to clean up any makeup smudges quickly and precisely. Psst, they’re also great for cleaning and applying ointment to cuts and scrapes, but that’s a story for another time! They’re also awesome for cleaning up excess nail polish you might’ve gotten on your skin after doing your nails. 

9. Nail polish.

Now, I know not everyone wears nail polish on the reg. but hear me out. You can actually use this nail candy in some non-beauty related ways. When I was younger and had to wear a school uniform (ugh, those were the days), sometimes my stockings would begin to rip, so to prevent further damage my mom would apply some clear nail polish to the source of the rip. Worked like a charm! Got too many keys to count hanging on your keychain? Use nail polish to color them so you’ll always remember what’s for what. Do you know any other awesome uses for nail polish? Comment below! 

10. Eyeliner.

I know I said I wouldn’t focus on actual makeup, but in all honesty, almost every college girl will use eyeliner at least once in college if they haven’t already, so you might as well come prepared. You might apply a quick swipe of eyeliner for a night out or a job interview, and you don’t need to buy $20 eyeliner; a simple eye pencil will definitely suffice. Eye pencils are also very inexpensive and won’t take up a lot of space when you pack for college. If there’s just one makeup product every girl should bring to college it would probably be this. 

So I hope that you really consider packing these beauty essentials for college because, believe me, they’re super worth the buy and the attention! Don’t overlook these items because whether you wear makeup daily or not, these are items that will greatly benefit your college beauty bag. 

What are your college beauty essentials? 

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